First UI update ready for testing!

I still need to polish up some things and add in some new features I’m planning (chat channels is a popular request), but I wanted to get this draft version out for testing now: The viewable area now spans the entire width of your device. Chat messages are transparent and fade out over time, but you can still bring it all up and scroll through like normal while the chat field is activated (lock the chat window open with the new /chat toggle command). The action button now shows what you have equipped. The pickup button also shows what you can currently pick up, but is hidden if there’s nothing under you. The main inventory view slides out from the side of the screen (hotkey:tab), but when it’s hidden your first 6 items will show up as quick buttons which automatically use/equip when pressed. Also signs now pop up as a chat balloon. I’m hoping this update will help mobile users especially. More to come!

Wolf Cave, Reduced Gem Costs, Exclusive Costumes

The Wolf Cave is now open as a new leveling area. The Arena Ruins are also accessible above Market Square. This area will be expanded on later, but for now grants access to Wellington and Snowtop Peaks.

Gem costs for smithing have been reduced by up to 80%. Rare costumes will stand out more now as they are collected from a supporter shop. Thanks to Ezekyuhl for designing both new maps and some of the new costumes. We have other maps and costumes that are still in the works. If you think you would be interested in mapping let us know through the contact form. Read on for more details.  (more…)

London server launched!

We are breaking our records for total players online as hundreds of new people have been joining Mystera. So while I work on the new town Wellington, I am preparing new worlds as well. This new London server will be a fresh start for European players especially. I also fixed a background music interference bug some people were having. Thanks for your support and have fun!

2 Year Anniversary – Steel Update!

One year ago we started seeing iron equipment, and now we have steel! You can create steel bars using a refined process at the bloomery. Investing some gold into a bloomery will upgrade it to have a chance of producing steel instead of iron. Several steel items are now available to craft and some more will be discovered in later patches. Also a new shovel is available which can dig deeper into the underworld and has a higher durability. Read on for more changes and also a sneak peek at some exciting future additions. (more…)