Paintbrush, Feather Cape, Glasteel Hammer

It's a sprite, get it?Hope you enjoyed the winter break! There are several things being worked on at once so it’s time to consolidate some of them into an update. Let’s get right into it with four new items. I hope you’ve been stocking up on orc glass..

Feather Cape

This rare armor is so light it counts as ‘unarmored’. It’s knitted, and requires some orc glass.

Orb of Insight

This tool can be crafted with orc glass and when used will show you the HP bars of all the structures around you. It can also show you the amount of arrows left in a tower if you’re allied with it or if you’ve been targeted by the tower. The orb can also alert you to the presence of hidden objects in the vicinity, such as traps. After a few weeks of use it may become unstable and shatter.

Glasteel Hammer

Raiding in a hurry? This orc weapon is more destructive than anything, but there is a catch – no one knows how to repair this combination of glass and steel once it’s put together. For this reason it can’t be smithed and its durability is dynamic as well. It lasts longer against older structures with high HP, perfect for those who want to join the orc army.


Walls can now be painted with a variety of fun colors! Though to prevent every town from becoming a huge mess of color, only big supporters can do this – either someone with all costumes unlocked or a large balance of diamonds or gifts. Paintbrushes can’t be crafted and are only obtained from chests for now. You can only paint your own walls, and you can wash them clean with a bucket of water. Dipping the paintbrush in dye buckets will let you mix different colors by painting layers onto your walls.

Other changes in this patch:

  • Healing potions can’t be used if you are at full health
  • Whirlwind hits now respect the normal miss chance for each target
  • Improved /trade command, new color and shows the amount of items in the stack

As usual, all of these updates are subject to change. Please contact us if you find any issues. The areas east of Galebrook and north of Wellington are coming along nicely, in addition to new enemies and orc behaviors. Also some of you may have noticed a new 5th supporter tier for those wanting to buy large amounts of diamonds in bulk, it’s only available to supporters who have previously purchased the 4th tier. Thanks for your support, see you next patch!

Small changes are being posted in the discord, here are the previous ones in case you missed them:

  • fixed issue where altar book combinations can’t be completed if another item is in the stack
  • added rare chance for a water tile to dry/freeze up and revert to land in desert/snow areas of Galebrook
  • fixed limiters on bush foraging so players with quick trait can forage at a higher rate
  • increased chance of orcs getting spooked when testing tower defenses
  • orcs are able to pick up items and shovel the ground (prepping for building)
  • adjusted maze reset code to avoid a rare blocked path bug
  • sleeping players no longer get myst or loot from fighting mobs
  • equipment will now make a noticeable sound effect when it turns red and needs to be repaired
  • the bot detector is more strict and will detect script usage, automatically flagging potential botters
  • fire sprites will drop fires only when there aren’t items underneath, to be consistent with fire building
  • the spook range for orcs has increased so they are more likely to run farther away after tower hits
  • orc killers are announced in chat
  • orcs have a much higher chance to attack adjacent players while raiding
  • tiles outside of the map count as nature tiles when doing decay checks
  • adjusted decay code for UW to fix some instances not applying
  • chance not to fall in a hole increased slightly
  • fixed bed bug related to building on roads