Welcome to Mystera

Mystera Legacy is a completely free to play mmo. It has a simple 2D style with a big sandbox world so you can build your own houses and shops if you like. Character creation takes less than a minute so go level up now!

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This MMORPG is played in your web or mobile browser and features a player made world with crafting, construction, skill levels, tribes, and PvP. It’s like a mix of Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Tibia. There is an infinite dungeon with lots of monsters and unique loot you will find underground. Check out the player guide for more information. You won’t find another RPG quite like this one! Check out some screenshots below.


This sandbox mmo lets you build your base above or below ground, wall by wall. Make floor tiles to keep your items safe from thieves. Repair your walls, put up towers, and place locks to keep raiders away. Start a farm to grow food which you can cook and bring on your adventures to sustain you.



You can customize the appearance of your character in game, make friends and form a tribe, hunt for treasure, and upgrade your equipment with valuable resources. You can even give your weapon and armor a unique name! Live in peace or become infamous in this sandbox mmorpg, either way you can level up and become powerful through the skill based leveling system.



You will find several types of creatures above and below ground. Almost every animal or monster has unique behavior and properties in Mystera Legacy. You could find a dog which will follow you home and become your pet, or find a goblin trying to steal your loot. This online role playing game features an infinite dungeon which holds valuable treasure and gives you a new challenge every time you play it. Maybe one day you will be at the top of the leaderboards?



The best part of this mmo is that it’s truly free! You can have the full experience at no cost. There are no pay to win advantages or content, no cash shops, and no advertisements. This is a donation supported RPG game. You can click below to start playing the game in your browser now or visit the play store to get the android app.

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