New area, Orc changes, PvP balancing

In this patch there are some new changes to test out as well as content that will branch into other things we are working on. There are a few new enemies and resources available but you can discover those details in game.

First of all, check out the new swamp areas mapped by Ezekyuhl and Kay. Though please be cautious, the ground is not completely stable and the water below is unsafe.

Orcs have gained the resources and ability to start building. Their main structure is a beacon, which is how they mark their land. These also function as a tower and spawning area for more orcs. The good news is that players now have more agency over the orcs, because these beacons are tied to their population capacity. If you let the beacons spread then you may get overrun, but if you keep them limited then orcs won’t be as bothersome. You also have more control over where they spawn, though some of them will still attack from the edges – especially if they have trouble locating beacons. Orcs will no longer be able to spawn in random areas such as farms.

Monster mastery levels have been added. Every so often a mob will grant you an achievement to recognize that you are an expert at slaying them. This can be leveled up, though it becomes more and more difficult to do so as you collect these levels. The benefits of this will be more clear in a later patch but for now it’s a fun way to farm and flex your mastery over the various creatures you encounter. The lens will show this information and shows reincarnations now as well.

Some mechanics are being adjusted that will most likely affect PvP. Glowing runes now increase armor penetration by 4% each, rather than 3%. Hammer and clubbing type weapons already have high armor penetration built in so their hit chance bonus is being reduced relative to other weapon classes. This hit bonus is gained based on weapon skill (+50 at max level), and the bonus is now half for hammer and club weapons (+25).

Shard traps and mud traps now have a short cooldown so they can’t be placed rapidly. Caraway also has a slight cooldown now, though its ability to negate slows has been increased as well.

Fixed a few bugs relating to poison, infamy, and beds. Also, in case you missed the change in discord, you wont fight back against Nightmares if you get disconnected. Also¬†testing a new reconnect system: if your connection drops you should be able to rejoin from the same IP rather than waiting for the ‘already logged in’ dialog. Please contact us with any issues or concerns, we will be making changes as necessary.

There are a few new areas being worked on. One of them is a place where you can fight without penalties and receive recognition for your skill. More on that later. Thanks for playing and supporting the game!