I have one more thing for you to test.

It’ll take me some time to implement more amazing ideas, but I’ll be around to adjust things if needed. Report any bugs you find. I’m told we have a community discord as well so post your suggestions there and maybe I’ll check it out sometime.


The idea for a new ability came to me while I was pondering network security. Lay down a wall of fire that lasts a short time and only you can pass through. It will block most ranged attacks and abilities such as frostbite and whirlwind (whirlwind now requires line of sight). You can use it to trap, evade, buy time, and even do damage. The one who places it can interact with the firewall to pass through it.


A new potion is available for testing. For our serene players, it protects them from player damage for a short time, for PvP players it just increases their chance of sending hate mail to my inbox. The protection potion gives a buff that shows a shield next to the player’s name. It has some limitations, for instance the item itself expires and disappears after a couple days, it only lasts a few minutes when used, and you can’t use it while recently in combat or if you have infamy.


A fox now steals your food. I dozed off while trying to read my suggestion list, then this came to me in a dream.

The fox has also stolen tomorrow’s patch, which is great because I needed a break. Don’t worry though, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a few more updates in me 😈