Paintbrush, Feather Cape, Glasteel Hammer

It's a sprite, get it?Hope you enjoyed the winter break! There are several things being worked on at once so it’s time to consolidate some of them into an update. Let’s get right into it with four new items. I hope you’ve been stocking up on orc glass..

Feather Cape

This rare armor is so light it counts as ‘unarmored’. It’s knitted, and requires some orc glass.

Orb of Insight

This tool can be crafted with orc glass and when used will show you the HP bars of all the structures around you. It can also (more…)

Try on some costumes!

It’s Halloween soon, and for the next few days most costumes have been made available to use even if you don’t have them unlocked. Reload your client to see the ‘Try it on’ button. All costumes worth 60 diamonds or under are available to everyone, and more expensive costumes can be worn if you have enough diamonds to match their price. During this event the pumpkin head appearance is available for non supporters as well 🎃 Keep an eye out for some new supporter features coming to the website soon!

The Invasion is Coming + Quality of Life Patch

Within the next few days some of you may notice a new enemy skulking around the outskirts of your town. Orcs want to settle in your land, and while they are similar to Chaos in some ways they have their own strategies and goals in life. Their spawn rate and mechanics can be dynamic and you may notice them change over time. You might even find them building their own structures at some point. They prefer not to fight under tower fire so your base should be fine with the usual defenses, and if you engage them it will help to bring friends. While Galebrook is the main target, citizens of Wellington may want to make some preparations in the future as well. (more…)

Maze Update and Logic Skill

This update introduces invisible mazes, which are randomly generated warp mazes that you have to navigate one step at a time because it will send you back to the beginning if you choose the wrong direction. There is only one maze and two completion rewards to choose from so far. It can be completed faster if you bring more people and use items as markers. Your markers can’t be picked up by other people unless you are in a party together. (more…)