The Arena is ready for testing!

Come check out the arena north of Market Square, and be sure to bring tickets for you and your friends. There are 3 events implemented so far. The first is a PvP arena where you can fight it out and you will be assigned a rating which determines your spot on the leaderboards posted outside the arena. The rating does decay over time so a new champion will be crowned if you go inactive. Then northwest of that there is the PvE arena, where you can challenge waves of monsters to see how long you can survive. Multiple people can attempt this at a time but it will only record your attempt if you are solo. The waves and PvE leaderboards may be reset in the future as new mobs are added. Finally there is the ketchup factory, bring your own ingredients for this one.

As usual there is a lot being worked on behind the scenes – you may notice some bits of updated content and new music mixed into different areas. Orc beacons can no longer be repaired and their spawn rate has been reduced. New mobs are in the works which have some odd abilities, one of which will allow the removal of a blue star with some luck and careful manipulation. Also some client updates will be required this spring to bring the game into compliance with this year’s Android devices, so I will be working on that soon and laying some groundwork for a potential iOS launch as well. Please report any issues you find, I’ll be making adjustments as needed. Thanks!