Poison Patch

Hope you’ve been saving your poison extracts! This update implements most of the missing features for poison. You can now use poison as an ingredient in food dishes, and apply it to most bladed weapons. Healing potions have also received a boost, mainly for users with high hitpoints. As usual a number of bugs were fixed over the last month. Read on for more changes: (more…)

Serenity Patch Part II

Implemented a few more changes to test:

  • A guard now patrols Market Square for infamous players
  • Increased serenity cap to 48hrs and improved the myst discount
  • You now gain some infamy for killing a loyal pet belonging to someone else (capped at 10 minutes)
  • You can also gain infamy from bandaging an infamous player, or harassing a peaceful player with multiple frostbites
  • Pushing someone onto stairs wont trigger a warp for them
  • Infamy cap for raiding increased from 6 to 10 minutes
  • Any items looted from locks are 100% drop on death for 10 minutes (aside from gold padding)
  • Lock item capacity increased by 1
  • Removed the level 80 skill level cap from Wellington
  • Duel statues no longer give experience in Wellington
  • Fixed an issue that could cause movement stuttering for some players