Lets Party Up!

A basic party system is now live, so you can quickly join up with those around you to share myst and go adventuring. This can be useful for underworld diving parties, or temporary tribe alliances since party members don’t damage each other. Use /invite [player] to start a party and /p [chat] to list party members or chat to them. Myst is only shared with nearby players who have recently participated in combat. Be sure to report any bugs you find while testing. I’ve still been busy behind the scenes but I hope you are enjoying these small updates. The holiday season is right around the corner, have fun!

Try on some costumes for Halloween!

It’s Halloween soon, and for the next few days most costumes have been made available to use even if you don’t have them unlocked. Reload your client to see the ‘Try it on’ button. All costumes worth 60 diamonds or under are available to everyone, and more expensive costumes can be worn if you have enough diamonds to match their price. During this time the pumpkin head appearance is available for non supporters as well. I’m still spending most of my free time working on future updates (party system, new boss, decorations, fixes, etc) so stay tuned 🙂

Client Update, Arcadian Miner, Mythic Builder

It’s been pretty busy around here, but despite the new baby and my computer falling apart I was able to put together a few nice changes. In addition to a number of visual updates and quality of life changes, there is a new item which will let you repeat your last craft or build command and a peaceful mob that likes to mine in the underworld. The new item can’t be crafted so you’ll have to find it in treasure chests (or maybe the new mob drops it..). Read on for more changes.


Poison Patch

Hope you’ve been saving your poison extracts! This update implements most of the missing features for poison. You can now use poison as an ingredient in food dishes, and apply it to most bladed weapons. Healing potions have also received a boost, mainly for users with high hitpoints. As usual a number of bugs were fixed over the last month. Read on for more changes: (more…)