Update Status

We’re back! As some of you know the ML team had been in the process of moving across the country, but we are all set up again and working on updates. Sorry for the delay! Though we have been working on small things in the background and answering contact forms as usual. Here are some things that we changed recently: (more…)

Fixing lag and a few other changes

This month I’ve mostly been working on optimizing lag and server stability due to population increases. After some hardware upgrades and new settings the stability of the servers is much better now compared to a month ago. There are far less crashes, freezes, or bad lag spikes. Still keeping an eye on things and making some adjustments as populations fluctuate.

There’s also been a few changes, mostly to game mechanics. When logging into Wellington on a floor tile it will move you outside of town rather than onto the nearest nature tile. Buckets retain their water during server resets (not just the sprite). Books can’t be researched while recently in combat. Stairs blocked by items can still be used shortly after the first attempt by stepping on them again, turning in place, or dashing. Also in case anyone missed it from a few weeks ago, pets will not attack mobs while guarding in Newbie Village. We appreciate your support, stay safe out there and have fun!

Upgrade And Transform Your Books

Find an altar and place three ability books onto it. If they are the same type and level then the books will be consumed and the same book of one level higher will be left in their place. If the books are different types or levels then a random book of a completely different type will appear instead. The level of the book will be the lowest level of the three books placed. This gives a use to some of the lower level books that are lying around. There was also an issue fixed with arrow towers not decaying in the underworld. Now go try and create a complete library!

New Year New Boss

A new boss is ready for public testing. Be warned, it’s not for the weak! It’s on a white map so bring a tribe or party. In addition to fixing a few bugs since last patch: a /tutorial command has been added to hide the tutorial window for new characters. Healing Rain now heals bosses for much less. Trading counter prices will now take ability book levels into account, rather than accepting all levels of a book. Ability book drop rates have been adjusted per boss: All bosses can still drop all levels of books, but currently the Felshire Castle boss is more likely to drop Dash or Frostbite, the Snake Pit boss is more likely to drop Whirlwind or Shell, and the Battlegrounds Cemetery boss is more likely to drop Healing Rain or Disorient. This will make it a little easier to hunt for most book types. Thanks for your support – have fun!