Cats! New pet cosmetics and bug fixes

You can now find and befriend cats! They work similar to dogs but have different stats. Also you can change your cat or dog’s color by feeding them some mystery meat. If you feed them bigger quantities of mystery meat they can turn into many other things based on the percentage of costumes you’ve unlocked. So you can finally have a giant pet cactus guarding your home! There is still a lot of ongoing content and bug fix work but read on to see what else has changed this month: (more…)

The glowing altar is here, and snowballs!


With the Glowing Altar you can combine two pieces of equipment with a decent chance of creating something stronger. In this way you can finally manipulate and upgrade runes. This is nice for reducing junk equipment and turning it into something more valuable. There is also a new powerful enemy, and giant snowballs you can throw at your friends or foes, and some other changes. Continue reading for more details. (more…)

USWest2 Server has Launched!

The population is seeing some extra growth lately so it’s time for the often requested 10th Mystera server. I’d also like to give a heads up that we will be purging old inactive accounts soon, which will lighten the load on some of our servers. Unless they own costumes, account names which haven’t been used for a year or more will become available again. In other news the new castle map and glowing altar are still in testing but should be ready before too long. I’m working on some more bug fixes and balance changes as well. Have fun!