Gnomes, Curses and Blue Star Removal

Now you can modify your character’s build by removing blue stars. This will require some effort on your part though. In this patch there are a couple new enemies. The gnome can appear anywhere in the underworld and loves to upgrade other mobs into better versions of themselves. So you may need to take out the gnome before it turns a water sprite into an ice elemental. It can also turn items it finds into health for itself.

The other new mob doesn’t exist in the underworld naturally at this time, but you will eventually find it by upgrading things with gnomes. This rare enemy can apply a curse to you. The curse will make one of your skills always function at level zero, and you will be unable to train that skill. Curses have no expiration, though you can get rid of them by using an altar or dying. Beware of reincarnating while cursed, it won’t reset your character but it will cost you your life – and one blue star in the skill that is cursed.

Monster mastery levels now give a slight boost to myst gain when you slay the corresponding monster. They also slightly increase the drop rates for items dropped by the monster depending on your mastery level.

There are a few other changes – dragon scales can no longer be used on a structure that was recently under attack. Fixed attacking stairs even with /pvp off. Adjusted the poison cloud and shell effects to display more accurately on 120fps devices.

There is a new class of weapon I’m hoping to be able to put into the next patch. Let me know if you run into any issues, have fun and thanks for your support!