New Year New Boss

A new boss is ready for public testing. Be warned, it’s not for the weak! It’s on a white map so bring a tribe or party. In addition to fixing a few bugs since last patch: a /tutorial command has been added to hide the tutorial window for new characters. Healing Rain now heals bosses for much less. Trading counter prices will now take ability book levels into account, rather than accepting all levels of a book. Ability book drop rates have been adjusted per boss: All bosses can still drop all levels of books, but currently the Felshire Castle boss is more likely to drop Dash or Frostbite, the Snake Pit boss is more likely to drop Whirlwind or Shell, and the Battlegrounds Cemetery boss is more likely to drop Healing Rain or Disorient. This will make it a little easier to hunt for most book types. Thanks for your support – have fun!