Maze Update and Logic Skill

This update introduces invisible mazes, which are randomly generated warp mazes that you have to navigate one step at a time because it will send you back to the beginning if you choose the wrong direction. There is only one maze and two completion rewards to choose from so far. It can be completed faster if you bring more people and use items as markers. Your markers can’t be picked up by other people unless you are in a party together. (more…)

New Enemies and Puzzle 🧩

Some fun new content to test out in this patch. More time was spent on backend changes and networking improvements than expected but there is a new sea map that has been partially opened up and contains some puzzle tiles to play around with. Four new mobs have been added as well. Two of them are fairly dangerous and found deeper in the underworld – one has a good alignment and will leave you alone if you are acting peaceful, the other has an evil alignment and will attack and silence you if you have used abilities or have been peaceful recently. Also in this patch Quill Beasts have been buffed to have full armor penetration if you attack them at a distance, and the Scholar’s Lens will now show door information even if other items are in the way. More areas coming soon along with more enemies. Have fun!


The much requested SEA2 server is finally here. The towns of Galebrook and Wellington are once again wide open for you to explore and find a place to settle. Keep in mind that transfers to SEA2 will be closed until the server matures at some point in the future. Also remember that if you live far away from the SE Asia region you wont have great ping, though you can still enjoy a fresh start and transfers out of SEA2 will be available to you at any time. Read on for a progress report on current and future changes. (more…)

Dragon Scale Your Equipment

You can get some insurance for your most valuable weapons and armor now. This feature has been on my todo list for over a year and it’s finally arrived. Here’s how it works: Drop any piece of equipment on a fully powered glowing altar and place 100 dragon scales on it to apply a special seal. The next time it would drop on death it will break the seal and drop 50 gold instead. If it would break due to durability it will instead break the seal and unequip to keep it safe. It also can’t be dropped in a garbage bin. You can see an item is sealed with dragon scales whenever you equip or lens it. Here are some other changes in this patch or uploaded recently: (more…)

Try on some costumes!

It’s Halloween soon, and for the next few days most costumes have been made available to use even if you don’t have them unlocked. Reload your client to see the ‘Try it on’ button. All costumes worth 60 diamonds or under are available to everyone, and more expensive costumes can be worn if you have enough diamonds to match their price. During this event the pumpkin head appearance is available for non supporters as well 🎃