Mystera Legacy Player Guide


Website Controls

Move WASD or Arrow keys
Attack or Interact Space (hold for auto-action)
Pick Up Shift
Chat Enter
Turn in place Hold control or drag character to side
Use or Equip/Unequip Left-click on item and select use
Drop Right-click on item
Item Hotkeys 1-9
Command Shortcut Forward slash (/)
Build Dialog ‘b’ key
Switch Chat Channel ‘c’ key
Character/Stats Dialog ‘i’ key
Skill Dialog ‘k’ key
Upgrade Dialog ‘u’ key
Ability Hotkeys q, e, r, t, f


Phone Controls

Move Touch the edges of the compass.
Attack or Interact Touch the Action button in the lower right (can hold for auto-action)
Pick Up Touch the Pickup button in the lower right.
Chat Touch the chat field at the top.
Turn in place Drag from your character to the direction you want to face.
Use or Equip/Unequip Touch an item and select use.
Drop Touch an item and select drop.
Target enemy Touch enemy and move close to fight automatically.



/b [message] Broadcast (purple) chat which everyone in the game can see (don’t include the brackets). Shortcut is backspace(\).
/t [player] [message] Whisper (green) chat to a specified player. Shortcut is right bracket(]). Partial player names will work.
/tc [message] Tribe (orange) chat which only members of your tribe can see. Shortcut is apostrophe(‘)
/skills show all your current skill levels
/quests see your current quests
/tribe shows list of tribe commands
/help shows basic info and a short list of commands
/who shows active players with levels
/drop [amount] sets your drop amount for items in inventory. default is ‘all’.
/ignore [player] Toggles whether you can receive broadcasts or tells from a certain player.
/trade broadcasts to nearby players the name and amount of items dropped in front of you.
/sound toggle on and off the game sounds
/tribe create [name] become the leader of a tribe (requires tribe relic)
/tribe list shows list of members in your tribe
/tribe invite [player] invite another player to join tribe. player must be online.
/tribe kick [player] kick player from tribe
/tribe promote [player] promotes member to a higher position in tribe (recruit < member < elder < leader)
/tribe demote [player] demotes player to lower position in tribe
/tribe leave leave tribe
/quit go to sleep in game (hopefully in a safe place!)
/showfps toggles on and off the frames per second display.

Basic Gameplay

After creating a new character, you will spawn in Newbie Village. Move around with the arrow keys, [wasd], or pressing a compass direction in the lower left. You can read the tutorial signs by facing them and pressing the Action button (or the [spacebar] key).

Click an enemy to target them for fighting and walk next to them. If you get hurt there is a healing fountain just above the rats in Newbie Village. Make sure to eat something occasionally to keep your health regeneration up.

Follow the road to find rocks, trees, and bushes and use your bare hands to get resources like stone, wood, tinder, and flint to build simple weapons or tools.

When you click the build button it will show a list of objects you can craft with your current resources. When your resources change the build list will also change. Building and equipping an axe will increase your chopping success. A pickaxe will increase your mining success.

Click the Character and Quests button to get some simple tasks to complete for experience. When you reach level 5 you can leave to the north and explore beyond Newbie Village.

Some animals are hostile but if you run from them they will eventually give up on chasing you. Only fight small enemies when you are just starting the game. Later on you can take on snakes and wolves. Loot dropped by creatures generally lasts 90 seconds. When you slay an enemy you gain some Myst which you can use to purchase upgrades from the Character menu. Getting ‘pack rat’ will increase your carrying capacity and ‘scholar’ will increase your experience gain.


Your hunger bar represents how full you are and will decrease over time while you are moving or using items. Your health regeneration is based off of how full your hunger bar is. If the bar is completely empty then your health will slowly drain to 25%. Eating food will increase your hunger bar, depending on nutritional value of food and whether or not it’s cooked. Many food items can be cooked by facing a fire and dropping the food. To retrieve the food just press space on the fire.

Food eventually gets old. Meats tend to expire before plants. Old food gives less nutrition and in some cases takes away nutrition. If you combine stacks of fresh food their expiration date will average out. Expired food wont combine with fresh food.


Certain animals will breed with one another under special conditions. Sometimes animals drop seeds, or you can find them by exploring and foraging.

Different plants may have unique methods of harvesting or planting. Watering plants and increasing your farming skill will improve your chances of plants growing successfully. If a seed is planted next to a water tile it is considered watered. You will always get a seed back from a plant even if it failed to grow and withered.

Tilling will create dirt patches faster than digging with a shovel.

How to get resources like Gold

Silver can be bought for 5 chicken feathers at the Newbie Store. You can also find silver while mining rocks, especially if you have some levels in mining and a good pickaxe. Many enemies drop silver, such as turtles, skeletons, leeches or other creatures in the underworld.

Gold can be found while mining rocks with a good mining level and pickaxe, though it’s rare. Sometimes you can find a special gold rock to mine which has a higher chance to give gold pieces. There are always some gold rocks to be found underground, or in desert areas. Purple Chaos chests in the underworld give gold but spawn some enemies as well. Certain creatures like hornets or ghosts will give gold as a rare drop. Quill beasts have gold as a more common drop if you can slay them. Do not try to duplicate gold at altars, you may end up losing it!

Obsidian which is used in weapons and arrow towers can be found mining the black rocks in snow areas (north Galebrook) or in the underworld.

Clay isn’t particularly rare but requires a shovel and some water. The best way to find clay is to find shallow water next to deep water and keep digging in the shallow water to change it from deep to shallow over and over again.

Gems are mined at crystal rocks in the underworld and are easier to find the deeper you go. They can be used to add skill, damage, or defense bonuses onto any item that you can equip.

Building a House

One of the first things you will want to build is a house for yourself to keep your items safe and protect you from the wild. It can be a simple structure with a few wooden walls to start. Building floor tiles allows you to keep items on the ground, otherwise those items decay after 10 minutes. If you have enough gold you can rent a house in Market Square to keep your things safe, and then you don’t have to keep your walls repaired.

Roads make players walk faster while traveling on them. It’s nice to have a road from your house to an area with resources. Roads and empty floor tiles decay over time depending on their quality. Floor tiles wont decay unless they are next to a non-blocking nature tile or cave wall.

Structures take about four hits to destroy by the player who built them, but much longer if taking damage from other players. If someone builds a structure directly next to your structure you can destroy it as if it was your own.

When equipped, certain weapons (like hammers) will ignore interactive objects like doors and destroy them instead.

Keeping your items secure with locks

Every house in Galebrook can be broken into, and probably will be breached at some point. So it’s important to know how to secure your items in case a thief does get in. The best way is with locks. Locks can be picked up at any time by you or your tribe members, but not by thieves.

Locks are especially effective with gold padding because they can secure your items 100%. Here is how it works: Say you want to secure 1000 stone and a rare armor item you found. You decide to use 3 gold to pad the lock with. So you drop your gold, stone, armor, and then set the lock on top by using it. If a thief happens to breach your defenses and loot your locked items they will only be granted 1 gold piece, and then the lock will be closed to looting for 24 hours. When the gold runs out then the lock will give out 1 random item type at a time.

So the number of gold pieces is the number of days you want your items to be secure while you aren’t around. Note that only 5 item types can be secured per lock, so you will need another lock if you have more items than that.

Defending your Home

Wood walls can be broken after a while so you will eventually want to upgrade to stone. Even stone walls can be breached but if you keep them repaired above 50% it will take some time to break them. Structures below half health take much more damage. You can build two layers of walls if you want even more defense but remember to leave room for repairs.

Arrow towers are your best defense. If you keep them filled with arrows they will shoot at any human player or Chaos NPC in their line of sight who isn’t part of your tribe. They will also shoot over walls at any player doing damage. Towers have a range of 6 tiles in a circle around them and will report the last 3 targets they fired at. Try to keep your base small enough that your towers will cover all sides of it. It’s also nice to keep small bases so your repairs are easy.

Inside your home you can place traps to give intruders a hard time. Shard traps will take a percentage of their health when triggered. Mud traps slow players down for a number of paces. These things can make them vulnerable to towers or your attacks.

You can also keep guard dogs if you have trained them up well. Though they are only a small deterrent since they will fall to any decent fighter and will only attack if someone attacks them or their owner.

Remember any non-blocking tile that isn’t covered by a floor can be ‘roped’. Meaning players can use an escape rope on a lower level to rise up through the ground as long as there is no floor tile to block them. Keep this in mind when designing your base. Make sure there is a divider between your farm and your living area.

Eventually you will be able to acquire ‘dragon scales’. Using these with a bit of gold can dramatically increase the maximum health of your structures. This can create a huge barrier for anyone trying to break in.

Making a recall tile in your home can be useful so that when you use an escape lantern it will return you directly to your house rather than to a random spot.


There are 5 different equipment slots. You can equip a primary weapon, and a also a shield if the primary weapon isn’t two-handed. An armor set can be crafted and will change your appearance when equipped. Finally, there are two accessory slots for miscellaneous stat-boosting items. Equipment may increase your damage or armor and have specific skill bonuses attached. Whenever equipment is created, there is a chance that it will have bonus stats based on your crafting skill. You may even find rare runes on equipment that give special bonuses.

Daggers attack quickly but do less damage against armor or structures. Swords do damage around you in an arc. Hammers are slow but do splash damage, extra damage to structures, and also ignore interactive structures like doors and signs so you can destroy them. Spears have a range of two tiles so they are good for kiting enemies and taking less damage. Maces mostly ignore armor. Bows require arrows and line of sight but are great for keeping a good distance from your enemies.


Sometimes equipment will be generated with special runes depending on your questing skill and depth (or crafting/knitting skill if you made it yourself). Runed equipment will have an asterisk* at the end of its name and show you which runes are in effect when you equip it. Each rune has a power level of 1-5. Here are the current runes and their effects:

Ancient: 10% experience bonus per level
Glowing: 2% armor piercing per level
Humming: 8 bonus walking speed per level
Radiant: 6% myst bonus per level
Stained: 1% critical hit chance per level

Gems and smithing

With an anvil, a hammer, and some gems you can add skill level bonuses onto your equipment. For example if you want to walk faster you can add extra exploration levels onto your accessories or weapon for example. You can also add attack and defense bonuses. Here is how much you can add based on how many gems you use:

Attack (Rubies)

1-9: Remove attack slot
10-99: +1 attack
100-249: +2 attack
250-999: +3 attack
1000-9999: +4 attack
10000+: +5 attack
12000+: +6 attack (2 handed only)
14000+: +7 attack (2 handed only)
16000+: +8 attack (2 handed only)
18000+: +9 attack (2 handed only)
20000+: +10 attack (2 handed only)

Defense (Emeralds)

1-9: Remove defense slot
10-99: +1 defense
100-249: +2 defense
250-999: +3 defense
1000-9999: +4 defense
10000+: +5 defense
12000+: +6 defense (2 handed only)
14000+: +7 defense (2 handed only)
16000+: +8 defense (2 handed only)
18000+: +9 defense (2 handed only)
20000+: +10 defense (2 handed only)

Skills (Gem combinations)

1-9: Remove skill bonus slot
10-24: +1 skill bonus
25-49: +2 skill bonus
50-99: +3 skill bonus
100-249: +4 skill bonus
250-499+: +5 skill bonus
500-999: +6 skill bonus
1000-2499: +7 skill bonus
2500-4999: +8 skill bonus
5000-9999: +9 skill bonus
10000+: +10 skill bonus
11000+: +11 skill bonus (2 handed only)
12000+: +12 skill bonus (2 handed only)
13000+: +13 skill bonus (2 handed only)
14000+: +14 skill bonus (2 handed only)
15000+: +15 skill bonus (2 handed only)
16000+: +16 skill bonus  (2 handed only)
17000+: +17 skill bonus (2 handed only)
18000+: +18 skill bonus (2 handed only)
19000+: +19 skill bonus (2 handed only)
20000+: +20 skill bonus (2 handed only)

Each skill is represented by a combination of 3 gems. Any number of gems can be used for combinations as long as each of the required gems is used. So to add +1 exploration you could use 3 amethyst, 3 aquamarine, and 4 garnet. You can experiment with combinations to find the specific skill you want or reference the wiki here.

Your Smithing (sometimes called Enchanting) level and the number of existing gem slots determines the chance your equipment will break when you attempt to add a new slot. You will be told the break chance when you start the process. 2 handed weapons and removing gem slots have half the break chance.

Note that adding a property that already exists will overwrite it, rather than add to it.


Traits are special bonuses your character is born with, and they randomize every time you die. For example, the ‘strong’ trait makes your character do more damage in battle and the ‘wise’ trait gives you an experience bonus. When you die you can gain Angel Dust based off of your level and how long you survived. More dust will unlock multiple traits at a time. Here are the possible traits you can get:

Alert: 15% bonus to dodge hits.
Deadly: 4% bonus to critical strike chance.
Fast: 60 bonus movement speed.
Healthy: Hunger bar drains at half speed.
Organized: 1000 bonus weight capacity.
Precise: 10% bonus to hit chance.
Quick: 100ms cooldown reduction on using weapons or items.
Reverent: 15% bonus myst gain.
Strong: 3 bonus attack.
Sturdy: 30 bonus max health.
Tough: 3 bonus defense.
Wise: 15% bonus experience gain.


Many actions in the game have a skill associated with them. The more time you invest in an action, the more its skill level increases along with your success at performing that skill. For every 10 levels in a skill you fill a star slot. To get high level skills and therefore more experience potential you have to unlock more star slots with the ‘Skill Mastery’ upgrade in the upgrades menu.


Working together will speed up projects and boost survival. For 5 gold you can build a tribe relic and lead a new tribe. After inviting new recruits you can promote them so they can invite people as well. Tribemates wont damage each other and share gates, towers, locks and traps. Promote your most trusted members to Elders and then if you leave the tribe they can take your place by promoting themselves. Leaders who don’t log on for a period of time can be replaced by an Elder.


When your health reaches zero, you die and some of your inventory may drop on the ground for an hour. When you respawn you will lose a small portion of skill experience and get new traits. You will get Angel Dust based on what level you were and how long it had been since your last spawn. With enough dust you will permanently unlock additional trait slots, so dying isn’t too bad, especially at high levels!

Beware of killing other players, it will announce your name as the murderer.

Logging out

If you quit or close the browser window your character will remain in game for one minute, so try to be in a safe location. You can reconnect at any time. If you log out in a bed you made then your character will stay in game sleeping. This keeps you on the leaderboard and generates more Angel Dust when you die. Your character will regenerate health and automatically fight back while sleeping.

Best ways to Level

There are several different ways to level so you will have to find something that suits your play style. Some skills give more experience than others, like knitting, foraging or cooking for example, so you could focus those types of skills for quicker levels.

Planting seeds and harvesting is another way to level which produces lots of food and extra seeds as well. Mining, building, and repairing naturally give steady experience while you are working on your base.

Probably one of the best and well rounded ways to level is by exploring the underworld. This will give you a lot of combat related experience spread across several skills and large amounts of myst for important upgrades. You may also find decent equipment and some rare resources. The trade off is that you may die from running into a nasty mob at a bad time. The deeper you go the higher the risk and reward so keep that in mind as you descend. You can get to the underworld through a hole in the Snake Pit, or by finding or building a couple staircases in Galebrook and falling through a hole.

Whichever method you choose make sure to invest myst in the Scholar upgrade so you are getting as much experience as possible. Also gain at least 1 level a day every day to build up your daily experience bonus.

Active Abilities

You start with the ‘Whirlwind’ ability at the beginning of the game. This is a special skill you can perform by clicking it (or pressing the hotkey). Abilities cost some myst depending on how powerful they are. They can be gained by reading books but have a small chance to be forgotten on use. Books also have a slight chance to fall apart after successfully learning the ability. All of this depends on your research skill. Books can be found in chests or from bosses. They can have different power levels. Here are the current abilities you might find:

Dash (3 levels): Rush forward a certain number of spaces, doing damage to anything you run into.
Disorient (3 levels): Swap places with a person or creature in front of you, doing damage.
Healing Rain (5 levels): Heals you and everything around you.
Shell (5 levels): Reduce all incoming damage to almost nothing for a short time.
Whirlwind (3 levels): Deals damage to everyone around you that can be reached. Damage is a multiplier of your current attack.

Advanced Play

When you get stronger you may want to build or find stairways to explore the underworld. This is a dangerous area, but can be very rewarding the deeper you go. Treasure chests, gems, and other things can be found. Gems can be used in smithing to improve the stats of any piece of equipment or give it special skill bonuses. You can even give your items custom names. Some equips come with runes for natural bonuses. You might find books to research new active abilities as well. If you defeat a boss you will get an ability book guaranteed. Altars can be used to increase the quantity of your items if you’re lucky. Deep recall tiles will let you return to the underworld level you are at with a depth recall potion so you can continue your descent later. Dying will erase your deep recall location.

When you reach your current level cap you can reincarnate to increase the cap by one and also gain a permanent boost to your experience gain, myst, and your top skill. Every blue star gained in one skill requires a slightly level in that skill to attain it as your top skill again. Make sure you invest some in the Lasting Legacy upgrade before reincarnating so you get a portion of your spent myst back for the next life.

An alternative to reincarnating is investing your myst in the Ascension upgrade which will add 5 to your level cap and can be upgraded infinitely at an increasing cost. This will let you use powerful equipment without boosting your cap through reincarnations.

Beware of Chaos. They are released by players occasionally and are much more intelligent than a normal mob. They can level up, seek out equipment, and use it. They hold lifelong grudges if you are a threat to them, and they may even try to break into your base. If you attack them, or sometimes if you are just level 60 or above they may put you on their hit list until they die.

The community has put together more information here: