Diamonds and Gifts

diamondgiftsNow when Paypal or Patreon supporters contribute they receive diamonds, which enable cosmetic perks until they run out. For anyone new, these perks do not give any advantage in game but are a nice way to stand out among the crowd and help keep the game growing.

You can see the diamonds in your account and can even gift some of them to other players who don’t have the means to contribute, or have an especially bad haircut. Using the Paypal form here will automatically activate your perks. (more…)

Raft Update

raftTime to drift peacefully across the rivers and lakes, or have awkward sea battles.. You can also deliver items and NPCs across the water on rafts. Make a secret island base, or a water delivery network – But wait, there’s more! (more…)

Map Expansion Patch

mapNow the map is more than twice as big and includes a lake which is bigger than the original map size. The desert and snow areas are twice as tall and will slowly change in the existing map. This is also the first of possibly several balance patches as the experience gains are scaled around the new progression system. Oh and to be 100% transparent for you guys – I can now go invisible on the server! Anyways, here is what’s new: (more…)