Skill Indicator, Slow Mechanics, and Bug Fixes

watcherIn the newest client you will see a progress bar showing the last skill you gained experience in, and how close you are to leveling it. If you click the bar it will show you all your skill levels like the /skills command. There are also slowing mechanics in the game. To demonstrate this there is a new slowing NPC in the underworld. There is also a new ‘Mud Trap’ that can (more…)

New walls, gates, and language support

wall_exampleSlowly but surely everything is becoming more beautiful in Mystera. The walls and gates needed a makeover especially. More will be updated but for now you will see new wood walls, stone walls, personal gates, tribe gates, tribe vaults, and animal gates. The gates will automatically turn to a sideways version when you open them from the side. They come with shadows, and now stone walls wont cover the entire tile above them. Wood walls are a bit taller as well. The cracked versions of the walls look nicer, and tribe vaults are golden colored compared to standard tribe gates.

There is now support for many languages in the game. Also Altars are a bit more common in the underworld, and there is a new accessory for heavy armor users. More coming soon 🙂

Auto-Action and Tower Update

towerFinally a client update! 🙂 You can give your spacebar a break now. If you hold it down for short time you can then let go and it will continue swinging forever until you move or tap space again. You can even chat while it’s toggled. A new ‘Action’ button has been added to the client which works the same way. A long overdue ‘Pickup’ button has also been added. The ‘Use’ and ‘Drop’ buttons have increased in size to make it easier for mobile users especially. See below for more (more…)

Diamonds and Gifts

diamondgiftsNow when Paypal or Patreon supporters contribute they receive diamonds, which enable cosmetic perks until they run out. For anyone new, these perks do not give any advantage in game but are a nice way to stand out among the crowd and help keep the game growing.

You can see the diamonds in your account and can even gift some of them to other players who don’t have the means to contribute, or have an especially bad haircut. Using the Paypal form here will automatically activate your perks. (more…)

Raft Update

raftTime to drift peacefully across the rivers and lakes, or have awkward sea battles.. You can also deliver items and NPCs across the water on rafts. Make a secret island base, or a water delivery network – But wait, there’s more! (more…)