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    In USeast server, rothchild is placing gates all around the outer build rim area to where players can not even enter wellington. it is not 100% boxed in but it not exactly pleasant having to go all the way to one end of the map just to walk the same distance back to my house, when i can just walk like 20 squares to like my front door. From my understanding roth has a vandettea against someone but I’d perfer his grudges didn’t involve me and it shouldn’t involve innocent players. I love my house in welly, and i had it since i started playing.

    If there is anything that can be done, i would love to be able to keep getting back to my house and everything. Welly is suppose to be a place I feel safe and this is not feeling very safe.

    And please, i do not want any replying like “Build in another server”. Not helping.


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    That’s terribly uncreative of him, people have tried to block off maps before, it wont last


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    Dont live in welly lol


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    lmao well just because you don’t want it said doesn’t make it not true…wolfpack on that server is full of griefers, botters, cheaters, and overal spaz’s who will excuse an action like murder when they do it, but make a snide comment and they spaz out and hunt you down with 5 other tribe mates lmfao…arcusnw is thw worst for it….but your issue is with roth messing with them? that’s funny, complain about the actual problem on that server or don’t complain at all

    also…yes…new server…don’t care if you don’t care, by supporting a server with a group of griefers you only justify their actions at monopolizing a server with disgusting tactics…you reap what you sow, leave the server or stop complaining about the people trying to fight back against the trash on that server.


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    Seems the quickest way around is heading left as soon as you enter from crossroads.


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    Im gonna keep those gates repaired :p


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    The one that was creating the gates in welly may look like Roth but happens to be Kaz. R0THSCHILD and Rothchild are both alts recently made. Rothschild surprisingly had nothing to do with the gates.


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     photo walled in 2_zpseccs6tgf.jpg

    Here is some pics of the recent troll walls built. (hope these uploaded correctly)

    Copen, FallingLight, and AuntEater. Trolling in a serious discussion. Admin can i please have these 3 blocked. I don’t see a block person button, so please.

    @LadyMay: really? can you have Kaz contact me then? I’m with you all in wolf, I just never been invited yet and I been keeping on good terms with all you wolf pack members. Arcus said you would have to be invited to join so i am just being a good boy till then.


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    lmao rothy be doin stuff xd


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    The Dev mentioned they’re still looking into some updates for Wellington. Just a matter of time.

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