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    Lvl 217 USWest
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    Alot of players including myself have been having numerous issues with chat lag, black screens, and random disconnects after the recent update.

    The issue I personally have been encountering is I click on the type box and it freezes the game and 20 to 30 seconds later it loads and sometimes forcecloses the game.
    I have already cleared cache, uninstalled and redownloaded the app on my phone.

    Figured id go ahead and write up a forum post so others can add or explain their experiences of the matter also.


    Lvl 255 SEAsia
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    Happens to me on other servers also


    Lvl 147 USWest
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    Yeah I have been having the same issue although the the screen doesn’t freeze for that long only about 5-15 seconds usually personally.


    Lvl 126 Europe
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    I also encounter the same problem on the server Europe and I want to say that it is extremely frustrating to see his screen that freeze for a duration that can vary, even to activate the player against player and by missing his assault or more serious of to be killed by the enemy because of that.


    Lvl 255 SEAsia
    Polar Bear
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    Usw2 west1 london and sea I’ve even almost died underworld due to this and i have a video of it happening on my channel where in a 1v1 with impk it nearly causes me to die


    Lvl 65 USWest
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    Yes same I sent a contact to dev with issue. But it’s pretty bad already this morning and to log out close app and log back in about 4 or 5 times that will clean up lag for about 10 mins.


    Lvl 125 USWest
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    yeah it happens rly often. almost died twice today


    Lvl 87 USEast2
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    at least one person on my server has been crashing from this too.

    though personally it just lags me, opening chat on both pc and mobile will freeze the game for like 5 seconds.


    Lvl 59 London
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    Been happening in london too, a lot of people been having issues with lag and black screens and chat lagging.


    Lvl 18 SEAsia
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    I train on dummies at my lunch break and my phone will completely freeze and need a restart. It doesn’t matter if I’m using data or wifi either. Also, there might only be 10 other players in London when it happens too.


    Lvl 27 Europe
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    Having the same issue in Texas. Not my game is freezing when performing an action, such as swinging a weapon

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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