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    Lvl 60 USTexas
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    So In regards to thinking about the future .

    What would you guys think about a server mergers ?

    Example . All players keep thier levels and skills they have obtained thus far. By a specific set date each server map is wiped clean. But with given notice for every active player to be able to pick up and hold any item that is worth keeping. Boom.

    Merge :
    BR > SA
    USE > USE2
    USW > USW2
    EU > SEA
    TX > LDN


    Lvl 135 USTexas
    Posts: 4

    texas is fine by itself, why should we merge into a dead server?


    Lvl 60 USTexas
    Posts: 144

    should have swapped the symbol I knew it would be slightly confusing. What I mean on the list would be London merging into Texas with the greater than symbol @moonsetsu


    Lvl 7 USWest
    Posts: 157

    Server merge should not be a thing

    What should be a thing, is more advertising of this game to fill the dead servers


    Lvl 255 Europe
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    valiant amaze me sometimes. besides this stupid idea,explain me why ldn (europe) should merge with texas while eu merge with sea. [removed by mod]


    Lvl 210 Europe
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    Petros is right : servers have to stay as they are, the game need more advertising. It already worked well when it was done.


    Lvl 41 London
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    What would be nice, is if we could transfer our hard earned resources and treasure to another server if we find ourselves on a dead server. Or if we find ourselves on a hostile server as was my first experience.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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