Quality of Life Patch

Another small batch of changes is live on all servers. People have been waiting a long time for some of these additions! Basic commands were added to reroll hunting quests and change the order of your active abilities (also showing the level of your abilities). The chopping skill has been scaled better across all levels and more. Read on for more details.


Quest monster generation is now based off of myst rather than damage so you won’t see Mind Flayers at the same time you start seeing Polar Bears.

New Command: /reroll
This resets your Skilled Hunter quest and chooses a different mob. It has no cooldown but there is a gold cost related to your questing abilities. The gold will be automatically taken out of your inventory. To see the cost before rerolling make sure to drop your gold first.

New Command: /swap [slot1] (slot2)
This lets you change the order of your abilities as much as you want. The first ability you learned (at the bottom) is slot number 1, and it increases from there. So to switch your 2nd and 3rd abilities just type /swap 2 3. If you leave off the second number it will always swap with your first ability by default. When you swap it will remind you of the name and level of those abilities in case you forgot.

These basic commands will be upgraded into more user friendly versions in the future but I wanted to get the functionality out there for now.

The chopping skill has been rescaled so that it makes a noticeable difference past level 40, all the way to level 100. The tool you use always makes a difference. At very low levels of chopping the trees themselves wont degrade as much so that newbies can still gather a fair amount of wood per tree, and at higher levels the trees will also last a bit longer so you can gather some bonus wood per tree. Mining is mostly unchanged, although using a tool is slightly better than fists even at high levels.

Fixed an old bug that would cause dash to sometimes fail, showing you your dash trail but setting you back at your original position. Let me know if you have anymore issues with this.

Made some mob changes as well. Ghost blade now has a minimum cooldown limit of 1 second for using disorient (instead of just an average cooldown with no limits). Mind Flayer range has been reduced by 1 and its rarity has been increased a bit more. Keep in mind these mobs have been tested against players well over level 100 to keep the lower levels of the underworld dangerous. More medium difficulty mobs are coming as well as some better equipment, and that will push the reachable depth lower over time.

The overburdened warning and explanation is now even more prominent for new players as there is still confusion over why items sometimes drop.

I fixed the leaderboards on Seasonal server, as they weren’t updating for a while. I’ve decided to give out some free diamonds to the top 3 players on the Seasonal leaderboard at the last minute of March. Then there will be a wipe on that server, but it will be the last. It will migrate and transform from ‘seasonal’ into just ‘sea’. That is it will become the new permanent SE Asia server.

Also for those who don’t check the forums there were some recent changes to towers:
– Towers now choose a random valid target instead of focusing 1 target.
– Arrows have a chance not to drain based on the level of attacker. Levels 20 or below will pretty much never drain, scaling up to levels 50+ will always drain.
– Base arrow damage increases from 5 to 10 after 30 infamy (mostly impacts low levels but spares accidental hits).
– Tower infamy cap up to 6 mins from 5.

There are several new cosmetics coming for supporters that I think you guys will like. Look forward to that in the next client patch. I am also still working on lag improvements when I have time. Thanks for testing!