Custom Appearance Update

appearance_smallAfter a long delay I’ve finally implemented the new appearance system. Now it’s much easier to customize your character. You can use a color picker to select a color for your hair, clothes, eyes, and name. Supporters get more options for styles and colors. The resolution of these small pixel characters match the rest of the game instead of being squished looking, and should fit nicely on mobile screens. The clothes and hair options will be added to and improved over time, but this should be a good starting point.

The clothing style you pick is now independent of the armor you are wearing. For this reason no new gender specific armor will be generated (don’t worry you can keep your old dresses). If you want to know what someone is wearing for pvp purposes you can target them and click the new info button that will show you all their current equips, and health! Body and hair potions have also been discontinued.

A new graphics engine update has been included which should see some performance improvements, especially on mobile. This fixes some of the graphics tearing in game (but adds a couple other small bugs that I’m waiting on to be fixed). A lot of text in the game has a nice looking gradient now. The look of the damage numbers has been improved as well.

Some of the other fixes: Books will no longer disappear quickly after dropping. A new depth system has been added so tall sprites will show properly behind or in front of foreground objects like trees. Weapon swing animations are attached better to various sprite sizes. On completing a repair it wont say ‘obj’ in the text anymore. Books now drop higher levels more frequently (until a book leveling system is added). Dark colors have been limited on certain color selections (like name color). Note that the avatars on the website will need to be taken down and adapted to match the new appearance system.

The Mystera Legacy phone app has been created and tested successfully, so I may release an unofficial version of that soon. The precision upgrade and secure houses for rent are still planned for next update. I want to focus more on content and promotion now that big game engine changes are mostly done. I should probably try to recruit a mapper or two for this. I’m still slowly improving the mapping tools, but players who have time and motivation feel free to contact me about creating new areas and content.

We’ve been seeing some new players now and then, be sure to make them feel welcome. Thank you! 🙂