Mapping Update

Another big patch. You can finally test out the map system which adds Newbie Village, and 2 new leveling areas to the west of Galebrook (the overworld). Areas will be popping up occasionally from now on. New mobs and bosses are also in the works. You’ll see many tile graphic updates, an improved client, and some balance adjustments. Here is the full changelog if you enjoy reading:

  • New mapping system that allows adding content live (like Mystera Legends).
  • Areas can have ‘mob spawns’ which replenish over time and are generally blocked by human presence.
  • New mob ‘Red Bones’ which is an upgraded Skeleton.
  • New players will now spawn (and respawn) at Newbie Village which is a tutorial map with an automated item store and easy mobs to level on. It can be left at level 5 and cannot be entered again after level 10.
  • Armor experience is now based off of the damage you take, and you receive more from mobs than players. 1 damage hits give very little.
  • Blue stars now give 5% bonus experience each.
  • Moving target has been changed to 4% dodge.
  • Wise trait increased to 15% experience bonus.
  • The underworld spawning has been rescaled to see harder mobs more quickly.
  • With the new mob clusters myst has been scaled down a bit and you now get less hunting experience every time you kill the same mob in a row. This will give you a little more control over your hunting levels.
  • Adjusted some mob loot, and made raccoons have standard AI rather than scared AI so they will fight back.
  • Fixed some networking issues, will help with things like trying to get out of a wall multiple times.
  • Quests now show in their own quest dialog rather than in the console, and will show quest progress (like 2/5 hunting).
  • Unarmed will only knockback mobs if your skill is level 10 or more.
  • Made more optimizations to the client which should increase FPS in most cases. New command /showfps. More to come.
  • Now names will show in the foreground and wont be hidden by walls, trees, etc.
  • Changed the underworld wall and floor graphics. Added 3 more floor themes, and now themes will change every 5 floors.
  • Removed chaos from hunting quest selection.
  • Chaos now go for level 60+ rather than 80+.
  • Removed age restriction on hair/body potions.
  • The build menu will always show some basic tools and items to make even if there are no resources.
  • Runes on named or smithed items now count towards artifact score on the leaderboards.
  • Added an effect to healing fountains.
  • Added map titles and non PK maps (green titles are safe maps).
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would show as one tile away from where they actually are.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ancient rune bonus wasn’t showing on login.
  • Fixed a bug with sprite ‘tearing’ that would separate trees and other things. This can still happen in certain places due to a bug in an external library..waiting on the patch.
  • Improved grass/snow/desert transitions to get rid of hard edges.

The north, east, and south are still under construction. We may recruit a mapper if the demand for new content gets high enough. There are no new ‘buildable’ areas for now, but we are thinking of renting out some indestructible houses for gold.

The next patch(es) will have active abilities and a splash screen login. Possibly music as well.

See if you can find all 5 inspector signs, and don’t go down into the catacombs unprepared. Have fun!