The much requested SEA2 server is finally here. The towns of Galebrook and Wellington are once again wide open for you to explore and find a place to settle. Keep in mind that transfers to SEA2 will be closed until the server matures at some point in the future. Also remember that if you live far away from the SE Asia region you wont have great ping, though you can still enjoy a fresh start and transfers out of SEA2 will be available to you at any time. Read on for a progress report on current and future changes.

There hasn’t been an update recently because there are several things being worked on at once and they are all at different stages of completion. Rather than waiting for everything we will try to release some of the content and features in smaller upcoming patches. There are a few new changes that are live now:

Email verification and confirmation: For increased account security we encourage you to log into the website and verify your email on your account page. This will prove you have access to your email and officially tie it to your account. A verified email address can’t be changed by anyone unless a confirmation link is clicked from within the verified email account. We don’t have control over account sharing and transfers but this should help reduce issues related to that.

Floors of the same type can no longer be placed on top of each other. No more wasted floors and myst, instead it will give you a floating notice on your character that the floor can’t be placed there.

From now on anyone who has no costumes yet and donates to become a supporter will be given a snowman costume for free. This is so all supporters will have permanent accounts going forward. You may have to re-login to update your costume shop after the unlock.

Another instance of the black screen issue has been identified and fixed. The black screen bug is a client error and has various causes, some of which were fixed in a patch last summer. This bug turns most of the screen black, forces players to reload the client, and usually occurs on stairs but not always. Let us know if you find another instance of this after spending a few days on the new client (some players remain on old client code for a while due to caching).

Several other issues have been fixed – such as performance issues related to underworld diving, network improvements, a bug where slimes could split across walls into houses, using abilities while dead, underworld mechanics related to holes and miners, and other changes that aren’t worth writing about. It’s time to talk about what lies ahead.

As for upcoming changes, the black ‘under construction’ areas are being developed and will start showing up in game, either as partial or completed areas. The most exciting feature in the new maps is the addition of switches and pressure plates. These are tiles that can be interacted with by stepping on them or using the action button to cause a change in the map. For example a door can be opened and closed with a lever across the room. This will allow for various types of puzzles, and if you played Mystera Legends, you will be happy to see the return of procedurally generated invisible mazes (coming soon underneath South Sands Desert).

The most difficult boss yet is coming, and new enemies, including new types (aside from Chaos) that will attempt to invade towns. These new features and enemies will promote cooperation, and in some cases require it. There is plenty more but I will save that for later. Thank you for your patience and support!