Dragon Scale Your Equipment

You can get some insurance for your most valuable weapons and armor now. This feature has been on my todo list for over a year and it’s finally arrived. Here’s how it works: Drop any piece of equipment on a fully powered glowing altar and place 100 dragon scales on it to apply a special seal. The next time it would drop on death it will break the seal and drop 50 gold instead. If it would break due to durability it will instead break the seal and unequip to keep it safe. It also can’t be dropped in a garbage bin. You can see an item is sealed with dragon scales whenever you equip or lens it. Here are some other changes in this patch or uploaded recently:

  • Towers now show visible cracks when damaged, like walls
  • Increased shard trap weight and now shell will protect from trap damage
  • Fixed shell visual effect not always staying on for the correct amount of time
  • When a tribe member is kicked or leaves the tribe it will notify all online members
  • Reduced structure decay overall, except for giant structures like long walls
  • Fixed a bug with chat box not displaying or scrolling correctly on certain devices
  • Fixed a couple crashes related to beholders and liches

Everything is subject to balance changes of course. More fun features and maps are on the way. The Santa hat is available for all players for a timeĀ šŸŽ…Ā Thanks for your support and have fun!