London server launched!

We are breaking our records for total players online as hundreds of new people have been joining Mystera. So while I work on the new town Wellington, I am preparing new worlds as well. This new London server will be a fresh start for European players especially. I also fixed a background music interference bug some people were having. Thanks for your support and have fun!

2 Year Anniversary – Steel Update!

One year ago we started seeing iron equipment, and now we have steel! You can create steel bars using a refined process at the bloomery. Investing some gold into a bloomery will upgrade it to have a chance of producing steel instead of iron. Several steel items are now available to craft and some more will be discovered in later patches. Also a new shovel is available which can dig deeper into the underworld and has a higher durability. Read on for more changes and also a sneak peek at some exciting future additions. (more…)

Seasonal Winners and SE Asia Server Launched

Thanks to those who competed in this seasonal event! The top 3 players and diamond winners are: Lmnhaze32, senh, and BingBong. That server has now been migrated and transformed into the new SEA server. This is a permanent server, so enjoy the open land while it lasts! There has also been a few changes and bug fixes over the last week:

  • Assassin experience multiplier granted for killing players is capped at level 100. Chaos still capped at 150.
  • Players with infamy no longer get skill experience until the infamy wears off.
  • Fixed a bug with reapers teleporting to floor tiles, and also prevent them from going to newbie village.
  • Fixed a bug with dead and disconnected players showing as asleep in the friends list.
  • Fixed a bug with stacking active traps on top of each other.

I’m also testing out a new host for the Brazil server as of yesterday. If it doesn’t perform well enough after a few days I will move it again. A couple bigger patches are on the way with new items and game mechanics that will be nice for both newbies and higher level players.

New Client Update and Cosmetics

A new client patch is here with some bug fixes and a handful of new clothing and hair options!

There are 6 new hair/head selections and 5 new clothes.

The small pause some people were experiencing when gaining infamy should be gone now, so it wont interrupt the flow of your combat.

New debuff icons added. Fixed a black screen error, and fixed a bug that would place your appearance doll on the wrong window sometimes.

The wolf’s head is thanks to Ezekyuhl, and the other clothes and hair are thanks to Kaylovespie (adapted from FinalBossBlues). PM Kay if you have suggestions for new pixel art or would like to submit some.

There were also some dev note changes on the forums recently: Fixed a /reroll bug, SK boss can’t be blocked and improved AI/range, and Escape Lanterns only work in the underworld now. More updates on the way. Have fun!