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    So I’ve been playing for around a month now and collected almost every gear I came across regardless of + or * stats. Following is my knowledge regarding upgrading gear and questions on further details I hope that you guys can tell me:

    1. When crafting gear there’s a chance for it to be crafted with upgrade lvls of 1-3 or you use smithing to upgrade it yourself up to +5 or +10 depending on whether it’s one or two handed. Correct?

    2. From what I’ve read it’s possible to put up to 10 runes on two handed gear but I was wondering if it’s possible to go beyond 5 on a single rune?

    3. In case a gear has more than one rune on it it’s random which rune gets transferred on the gear of my choice or can it be chosen somehow? and will only one of the runes be transferred or is there a chance for all of them to be transferred at once?

    4. If I use a gear with let’s say Ancient 2 and have it transferred to another blank item, will it have Ancient 1 in the end or can it also get to Ancient 2 in one go?

    5. Can other stats of gear be transferred as well? like if I feed a basic Warriors Signet to another Warriors Signet is there a chance to transfer any of the basic bonuses that item gives like Attack, Defense, +? Clubbing/Axe/Spear/Sword?

    Question 5 would be my main issue because I have like 200 basic Grass Bands, Warrior Signets and Guardian Rings and was wondering if I can use them to transfer their bonuses to other gear. This is also important to me because depending on it I would stop collecting every gear I come across which would allow me to stay in UW much longer before get overburdened and slow down to a point that it’s just too annoying.

    Thanks in advance,



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    1. It is true. when you crafted something you will get +1 – +3 randomly (increase chance with your crafting level) but when you smithing, it doesn’t add more + to it, cause smithing is way more different than just crafting

    2. It is possible, but it depends on what equipment you have

    3. I think this one depends on what rune you have and what level are they and yes, you can transfer it on once. i have tried combining a peddler (A4&S3) with another Peddler (A1&R2) and what i got is a peddler with A3&S2&R2. soo, yeah it does have a chance.

    4. Like i said earlier, it could became an Ancient 1 item or it also could be an Ancient 2 item. There’s A chance to the altar (Glowing), and i think you can up that chance by putting gold into the altar (haven’t tried yet, no time and poor). but feel free to try.

    5. No, Only runes that can be transferred (idk about + on gems tho)

    Ps = If yo could transfer gear stats, i would have 100 on crafting right now oo (combining a smith stone until it was maxed)


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    ok first off, runes= ancient glowing stained radiant humming ….. so no weapon can have 10 runes but yes 2 handed weapons can go to rune level 10…….

    second off when using the altar yes you can transfer the exploration unarmed and unarmored skill bonus’ from grass bands to other items using the glowing altar (as long as it is a 1 handed item your transferring it to), 2 handed gear needs to be fused with 2 handed gear, but be warned , even when putting 100g into the altar, it still doesnt always transfer to the item you wish to transfer the stats to, as well as it can lower ( from an A4 for example to an A3)


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    Thanks both for the answers.

    Now I know which Items to keep on collecting and experiment a bit.

    Best regards,


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