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    Lvl 230 USWest
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    I love the update, carners have a reason to be such a high level with all this good gear possible, Miners have a huge amount of gems to mine up for all the great gear, gold finally has a sink that feels amazing. 10/10

    Yes I have multiple sets from long ago but in the months of grinding I never had a perfect Steel plus 3 platebody S5 G5 and if I did the amount of time loss on losing it would be crushing. I like how its more a gold thing now but just being rich enough to make it isn’t enough it’s a reward to carners and ascenders who have the levels to equip some op gear. A late game patch is my favorite kind <3


    Lvl 51 London
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    It’s patches that take into account what people want that count. This is one of them!


    Lvl 202 Europe
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    against s25g25 players heavy is much weaker than cloth and not far off the same as naked, the percent dodge is huge especially if you have alert and thry dont have precise, wish ibknew this before making my 5 5 s5g5h3 iron


    Lvl 75 Europe
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    I dont love this new altar.
    Basically is a coin flip to get op gear, but this upgrade just help high player to refine their equip.
    Bring issue to enconomy of gears, becouse everyone want smelt all that have, no more equip to be selled.
    Nice upgrade dev.
    We just asking for a boost to crafting skill.


    Lvl 202 Europe
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    craft defo needs buff similar to knitting


    Lvl 125 USWest
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    This *is* a boost to crafting. People will want to buy all your crafts now to feed them to forges, even if they aren’t perfect.


    Lvl 155 Brazil
    Polar Bear
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    Ty Dev *-*


    Lvl 202 Europe
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    false takrogar…. its just a further buff to knitting as its easier to knit s5g5 etc than to craft…


    Lvl 130 USEast
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    knitting is low level stuff so it’s not great for upgrading high tier gear…


    Lvl 333 USWest
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    true Takrogar … its just a further buff to crafting as its easier to buy bulk tinder/stone/wood off the monster amount of resource collectors on a seasoned server to make it rain stained and glowing gear everywhere vs trying to buy bulk wool/dyes. sure you can dupe wool off an altar but really?? you have to have a monster amount of gems to go. .. nah, lets do wool instead.


    Lvl 147 Europe
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    I upgraded steel stuff with grass bands and cloth stuff… lvl req is just useless XD
    with 5-6 s5 cloth items i can get a plain steel plate to s5.
    I removed ALL good gear from my shop (probly the shop with best gear in EU server) leaving only ancients to melt it at altars. Good luck getting items to newcomers, now that i have no more point in selling it 😀
    Only suggestion i have is.. grow stronger and start grinding your gear in uw, stop relying on ppl selling it, couse ppl selling good spare gear will also have the gold to melt them at altars.

    to carners.. u can have a5 steel targes VERY easily now, which is a HUGE item for carns 😀

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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