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    Training is tedious and while you’re in the heat of battle you cant really check your items durability. I feel like there should be a indication e.g. sound when your item/dummy is “about to break.” Most of us when we are training like to go AFK or listen to music to ease the boredom. However in the process the dummies and items tend to break and it’s frustrating considering the need to pay constant attention at intervals to check on durability. An idea for the sound is that when your item is below the breaking warning durability it should make a sound to indicate it or sound differently when you hit something. I’m not sure but I think this might be a dummy mechanic already. If not such a feature would be awesome to add to items and dummies as well if it doesn’t exist.


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    Actually if you listen to them the training dummies make a dull thud sound when they get below 100 hp. Unfortunately depending on how loud your music or videos are you may not hear it.


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    Imagine if you could walk into a real dojo, get dressed for intensive training, do a couple of hits then spend the next hour drinking coffee, yet still get an hour’s worth of training!

    I have never understood the idea of AFK gaming.


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    Yes, because I LOVE staring at a screen for several hours at a time and repairing my club once every 20min. In an actual dojo you’re doing something not staring at a screen


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    my club only lasts 10 minutes, I started setting a timer on my phone lol

    good to know about the dummy sound, i’ll need to listen for that. I would love a sound when my weapon goes red though, sometimes there’s a lot of chatter going on in global and if I’m not looking at my screen in that very moment I miss the message. If I also don’t happen to have that tab open with the weapon I might break it. That said, I now do these things (set a timer, make sure I have the right tab up, make sure I check often) to avoid breaking my weapon and I generally only lose one every few months.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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