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    In my opinion,i think that the current trading system is not the best.I think that what is should be,is an improved /trade.
    How it should work is that you do /trade <playername> with anybody who is nearby.
    Then,the player who you typed there name will get a notification saying You have gotten a trade from <playername>
    Then the player who got the notification would do /trade <playername> accept/deny
    What will happen is that they will be brought to a GUI where they can put items to offer and both players can see eachothers offers.
    Once both players are happy with there offers,they will both hit an accept button,then the items will be traded between the two players.
    Tell me what you think of my idea.


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    I agree, it would remove the possibility of people stealing. Another thing I would add is when one player presses accept neither player can alter the trade items anymore, so that people cant quickly take their item back and then press accept and steal your item. Also keep the current /trade command just re name it /present or something. I use that command often outside of just trading.


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    I think it would take more away from certain playstyles and would make the game less fun for people who enjoy scamming or stealing aspects of the game. If you want to do a safe trade tables are a thing


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    However, from experience from many other games, this method is easily scammable as well but it should make trading easier


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    All very true

    Currently the means of trading are primitive and trade tables are limited. Say for example you wanted to buy a book. Without possession of that book you wouldn’t be able to set the price to complete the trade. A trading system is 1 more thing that would be a great QOL feature, but I don’t think that fits the trend of Mystera updates: content > gameplay

    but hey, I never thought we’d be able to call 1 dog at a time and yet here we are

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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