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    So before /pvp was a thing, I entrusted a lot of safety into my spindle. Even after the /pvp patch people thought I was crazy. But today was a different story!

    I woke up to my wife CrossMayLen handing me my phone saying “I don’t know what was in your inventory but I woke up and Lilly (4yr old daughter) was in market square.”
    Mind you I sleep at 210,255 in Galebrook.
    My health was 50%,my belly was hungry and my bronze splint+2 a5 was nowhere to be seen. I walk back to Hubs Grubs (located inside THE HUB 2.0) and find my armor under my bed :). The best part of all of this… Scrolling through chat log to see HUNDREDS of white text ‘You don’t have any wool to spin’ HUNDREEEEDDSSS. If I hadn’t had my spindle equipped, my 4yr old daughter would have easily destroyed a lot of stuff.

    I love you spindle, you are a true friend to me :3


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    I love our A5 spindle.
    Great for cooking, smelting, foraging and farming. It just makes life easier. Everyone should get one.


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    Spindle is life, spindle is love.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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