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    So I thought about these 2 things (which would be more usefull if the game would be played by more people, but it still is a good idea)
    a) Map expanding:
    1. How much to expand and what?: Well, Wellington and Galebrook could be extended from 500×500 to 600×600 so more people could have their homes there.
    2. *Idiot, this will remove some of the buildings already existing*: No, it won’t the developer can just add a 100×100 at the up end, at the right, and then another YxY to connect the 2 new 100×100.
    3. *This will make moving through galebrook harder*: That is why I have this suggestion:
    b) Teleporting tile and staff:
    X1. Teleporting staff:
    1. What does it do?: Using this staff you can choose between your teleport tiles to teleport there.
    2. How to get it?: You would be able to craft this using 7 feathers, 5G, 30 wood, 15 dragon scales and 10 blue dye.
    3. How many teleport tiles can it list?: It can list maximum 5 teleport tiles
    4. How and where does it list them?: When you press use it will show you a small square below your myst counter, that square showing you the coords of your teleports and their location (MS, Galebrook or Wellington)
    5. How do you get the teleport tiles listed to it?: You just step on one teleport tile
    6. How do you remove one teleport tile from it?: You need to step on the teleport tile and type in chat /remove
    7. What’s it durability?: 250 teleports
    X2. Teleporting tile:
    1. What does it do?: You can use the staff to teleport to one.
    2. How do you build it?: You can craft it using 100 dragon scales, 30 blue dye, 20 red dye and 175G
    3. How much hp does it have?: Well, as being very expensive, it has 300K hp and every construction level adds +1% (like usually)
    4. Where can you place it?: everywhere in Galebrook and Wellington
    5. Ain’t this op?: No, just look at the costs, only rich players can craft, so galebrook won’t be spammed with these things
    6. You said something with a MS teleport tile, so?: So, there will be a MS teleport tile built by the admin, undestructible, placed in the middle of MS.
    +1 it if you like xD


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    Teleportation seems awfully overpowered. Someone sets up 5 teleport spots in parts of Gale and then someone murders a person in gale. The person with the teleports can instantly teleport within a hundred or so blocks of them anywhere they are in the map and execute them with no chance.


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    Can put a system that doesn’t let infamous player to use it just like infamous player can’t use fountain infamous player CAN’T use teleport


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    When I read the previous patches of the game, a town for “Veteran” players is planned, counterpart for Wellington, which is a peaceful town for beginners. So, I think making that town is better than expanding the already built towns.


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    lot of these forum post seem to be made when people are high out of their mind some are very outlandish


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