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    I recently made a sheep farm and good a max population size of 8(as expected) the weird thing is what happened when I built a second one about 8 blocks away it only let me breed 6 sheep not 8 now so can someone let me know what im doing wrong or any suggestions on how to keep them both max population. Thanks


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    It’s likely your new sheep are still in range of two of your other sheep, so both are capped at 8, they’re just sharing two sheep to reach that number. I’m not sure what the precise range is or how the game calculates it though. I tried to measure it once but didn’t manage to find a clear number, 8 squares distance is still very close though in my experience, I’m surprised you were even able to breed 6 that close.

    You can try using deep water to set up temporary pens and nudge the sheep over until you find an appropriate distance and then build a proper farm, or just build and break as you go if mats aren’t a concern.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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