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    Hello everyone i am selling 3 of my accounts as a bundle in brazil server. The usernames of Keebo, xgoldenx, Nazaret.

    they are level 115, 101 with 1 reincarnation, and 95 with 5 reincarnations.
    My tribe is #2 and has around 300-400 towers, i own the biggest shop in the game with 58 counters surrounded with like 100 towers. i have 100+ books all types, and all levels. i have tons of resources, pvp gear, pve gear, construction gear, research gear, healing gear, questing gear, digging gear, repairing gear, etc.. if you are really interested i can send full details and pictures of accounts, resources, stats. on discord. Keebo#9676
    payment through paypal only, ty.


    Lvl 74 Europe
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    can i scamm u? xDD

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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