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    Ok, some opinions on the new update:
    The infamy system seems to now be a punishment, its needs alterations, the glitches and bugs that compromise server stability need to be the first thing tended to, not new features.
    The point of a stall is to save stuff and help you lose infamy in ms, you can no longer do that.
    Please make the guard have better drops; and maybe nerf him a bit, maybe decrease the range of his spells.
    Maybe not have him kill through walls.
    Maybe have the guard not re-spawn as fast.
    Please change the healing infamous players give you infamy.
    Please give the pkers and infamy free zone where they wont lose as much as with infamy, like a mob death.
    Please remove the guard, or make it to where you have to have pvp on to hit the guard.
    We cant kill toxic in gc players now if they just sit in ms; yes we can mute them; yes we can ignore them, but they are still very toxic and can drive away new players that dont know that the game has an ignore option.
    Maybe either make ms a safe zone ( I personally would prefer it not be), or make it to where the guard stops attacking after infamy ( yes ik taht can backfire).
    **NOT ABOUT THE PATCH BUT WAS SUGGESTED**: Have people from a server vote on updates, that way if they dont want the update they dont have to have it, idk if that would be all servers or just a few servers get it and others dont but yea.

    Serenity makes you immune to player attacks except for open towers.


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    You added in my 2 cents, thank you. Also, I think the guard should be on screen before it starts attacking you, if we’re gonna keep it.


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    Have people from a server vote on updates and how do you disassociate those votes from alts spamming ?


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    Whew where to start,
    Infamy changed with healers and in MarketSquare nothing else.
    Server stability with movement issues is addressed.
    Saving stuff in ms was made better with locks that not only have a higher capacity but a 100% drop rate from looted items (Guards will kill so if you don’t let them out 100% item retrieval)
    Draining infamy in ms is much more of an abuse imo than a feature.
    Without adding map hopping the mob or guard is easily abused, I’ve killed it and just map hoping makes it doable on any server fairly easily. The all ms single target spells and damage are the deterrent from killing there but still possible (a halfway between welly and ms)
    Having him hit through walls is the ms owner killing deterrent, if it didn’t it wouldn’t help stop that issue at all. With Wellington stopping killers from living without sacrifice ms meeting the middle of killing and running inside not okay. It stops ms camping and a midway point shouldn’t be camp-able to begin with, towers helped but didn’t stop kills at all. (I usually had too lol)
    Next area might be a higher level pvp enabled area I believe, so community should love that. I plan to make a base there myself.
    Hitting guard with pvp off I 100% believe should be removed.
    You can report people, if an issue arises I suspect someone being so obnoxious would be successful in a report. (It works on West maybe I’m luck)
    MS is an between
    balance is important but that’s a neat idea.


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    +1 For everything Ahnna said(that last point seems familiar :P)


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    On the topic of voting, could consider only taking votes from players that are 60+ or have blue stars AND who have been active within say, 48 hours of the vote going live. It could still be gotten around but itd be tedious and many wouldn’t bother just to wreck a comminity vote.


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    +1 to everything ahnna said.


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    +1 to ahnna


    Lvl 91 SEAsia
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    +1 to Ahnna


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    Yo feliz con esté parche, ya podré dormir tranquilo por los débiles que eran ultrajados por algún abuser, ahora sí podré reencarnar tranquilo un problema menos del cual preocuparse.


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    Since people seem to be so much of an obsession with a negative opinion !

    Things you have forgotten with the update.

    Souize one of the main complaints that you had was harassment on MS doors etc etc. This does help with that as well as protects people for the most part when they want to chill and chat in MS and be normal.

    How many of you these days are really taking ur time to hunt down trolls ? Ive seen alot of people say when the Wolf cave come out. Ehhhh well how are we gonna hunt the evil trolls now blah blah blah. Well guess what. None of you really diligently hunt them….. Lets be honest here….. Its just something for you to complain about that no one really is proactive on fixing.

    You can no longer push AFk people in the snake pit to die. THIS SUCKS FOR ME. But overall a positive addition.

    People now gain infamy from killing pets. Do you know how many times people kill my pet as i walk by…. Many….. So great addition there !

    Looted items from locks drop if you die 10 mins after the fact . so if someone manages to rob you and you kill them before they manage to get back to the bandit hideout that is another GREAT addition .

    Overall the guard update as well as the other additions the dev has worked on and taken focus away from the more fun things im sure they would like to work on . only to attempt to please most of you and your ( complaints )

    Souize among others im really surprised you persist with such a negative attitude on all things when if anything this update was something to attempt to help you on one of your most frequent complaints about MS trolling……

    Try to sit back and appreciate what is happening rather than try to poke holes in it just because it doesnt fit your personal ideal of perfect….

    To me i much rather have seen a cosmetics update or new buildable things we can use to make housing designs more elaborate and beautiful. But here we are still working on the complaints of the public when all most do is still complain afterwards…

    Think of positive solutions and appreciate the work done. ” i wish the guards dropped more loot ” i will be shocked if the dev does not actually make them stronger after hearing this. You should not be ” farming ” the damn guards lol imo they should be unbeatable to teach people a lesson. Infamy should always be a punishment the game should not reward you for being bad. If you wanna be a baddy then you take the negative drawback that comes with it like real criminals . people who are like bandits or pkers should have some sort of balancing force like a jail or some kind of negative effect that hinders them . hopefully like these guards should. Since there isnt a server around that has a group of people who actively ” save the world “


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    +1 to Ahnna.


    Lvl 67 USEast
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    If you read my post it’s all comments on the feedback, nothing negative or even agreeing with anything negative.
    My opinion isnt even stated just feedback on the feedback.


    Lvl 74 USTexas
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    +1 to what paisley said and yes, imo this is a good update, Im just tired of people complaining and not doing anythig about it so I made this thread; just about the only thig I really dont like is the healing infamy but I do like that you get more space with locks and 100% drop for awhile afer its looted.


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    +1 to ahnna.

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