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    Lvl 4 USEast2
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    Now I’m sure this topic has come up before in a previous forum but I wan’t to bring it up again now that we have 2 new, very difficult mobs in the game. Today I was leveling my questing, since it is still quite low at level 37, until I saw my next quest reading “Defeat a Mind Flayer 5 times”.

    As we see in the most recent forum post, many of the strongest players in the entire game are struggling a lot with these mobs 2 new mobs. Imagine if a new player with only a few days under their belt got this quest and could never level their questing ability again.

    If a developer is listening, I think some work around for this should be a pretty big priority on game mechanic changes. The best idea I currently have could be a reset button on the quest page that costs myst or gold or requires supporter. Maybe put a 24 hour cool down on the button to reset quests. The point is, some quests are just not do-able for the vast majority of players, and I don’t think ridiculously overpowered and unfair mobs should be the reason people cannot progress in the game.


    Lvl 120 Brazil
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    i was just thinking about this yesterday… it would be a nightmare for me if my next quest was “Defeat a Mind Flayer 5 times” . This definitely would be a great idea, or at least fix these new mobs!


    Lvl 110 Europe
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    this should have been done long ago…


    Lvl 121 USTexas
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    Having quite a few quests for newbville and early galebrook is fun and all, until you reach the monster quests… then begins the never-ending and somewhat boring cycle of hunting these monsters. Imo it is pretty sad that new players can be given such difficult monster quests early in the game and there should really be something done to change this issue. Also, while on the topic of quests, we need alternative quests besides killing these monsters over and over again (and leveling up one time, daily). We need more quests! More… more… lots more!


    Lvl 7 USEast2
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    Definitely support this. I remember freaking out about having green dragons as my third mob hunt before finding out how easy their patterns are.

    And obviously new quests would be great to.

    Foraging / resourcing / cooking and so on.


    Lvl 100 USWest
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    I like the idea of a button with a 24 hour cool down but I think there should also be minimum levels to receive certain quests with quests resetting after every reincarnation.


    Lvl 120 Brazil
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    welp, i got the mind flayer quest, now i can’t level up questing, thank you dev. please fix this asap. :/


    Lvl 19 USTexas
    Polar Bear
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    Yes we need quest reroll, but they should be appropriate to your level. Another thing is you should always get 2 quests at least, one attack based and one defense based.

    I shouldn’t be going from killing cows to arch mages


    Lvl 110 Europe
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    High level quests should have variety though. Not just kill lich/flayer/blade


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    it should cost the same as your questing level

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