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    Hello i am Delirium And i playing on server. Sorry for my English, but i am from Czech republic. I have problem. Player deskat building signposts Under my Doors. Lots of signposts. He writing Very bad words. It is Bullying And i Hope admins do something about it. Actually i cant remove signposts, becouse i have not mysts for repair destroyed Walls. Is wellington safe?

    Server: EU

    My nick: Delirium

    Bad Player: deskat

    Coords: 459,488 (SE) Wellington

    Links for screenshots :


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    Now imagine, you reset, have a high myst cost and it’s now trapped inside your house…sad isn’t?

    In cases like this, when this comes to happen in Wellington, Send a ticket in support section and an admin will help you inside of the game, deleting the signposts, and maybe doing something about the wellington troll player.

    The maximum thing this player got was his time taking myst to troll, admin time to enter and easily remove this structures, and maybe a temporary (or permanent) ban on account for behaviour on forbbiden zones.


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    Hello forum. I would like to admit to the actions accused.
    But what Delirium has failed to mention is my reasons for doing this.

    Me and my 2 alts were all heavily encumbered in xroads.
    And delirium punched me around for 20mins leaving me unable to control my character and leaving me exposed to being punched into snake pit.

    After 20 minutes in an aggravated state I used fb in an attempt to move to my destination (wellington) this gave me infamy. And he proceeded to /pvp equipt his dagger and kill me.

    Taking from me 46g 4k stone 2k wood 2 books and some of my good equipment.

    I asked him for my stuff repeatedly.
    He refused. I took action myself.

    I apologize for doing so in Wellington. But this player is known to eu as a negative person and my players supported my actions.

    Had he lived in galebrook this would have been handled very differently.

    He has also failed to mention the insults and names he called me before proceeding to /ignore me. Leaving signs as my only method of communication.

    Xroad should be a safe zone!
    I am not a troll and I’ve never done this before.
    But the wood and myst cost to take this action was nothing compared to what he had taken from me.

    I have the support of his own tribe members (tribe caraway)

    I shall go online now and tell eu about this post and see what they have to say about this.


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    Rofl, why I’m not freaking surprised. Yes, Delirium (aka Tafi) is a well known 15yo emo and a scumbag, you are doing the God’s work, dezkat 🙂


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    Just make a new low level account to destroy the signs by using hammer, sword or spear.

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