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    *Basically a galebrook but with a darker grass (a little bit harder to tile and dig) and instead spawning animals this area spawning mid monsters.

    *Underground level fills up with mid-high level monsters.

    *Decay time increase 1.5x.

    *Some random area will filled with multiple traps. (Ouch!) And mines, and by mines I mean is an exploding mines like fire spirit. (Ouchy ouch!)

    *New NPC (only in this area) “Jack The Riddler”. This NPC wandering this area. If you hit it unarmed it will ask you random question or riddle’s thru the system chat (multiple choice A, B, and C). To answer the riddle you do “/answer (A,B,C or number)”.
    •If your answer is wrong, you’ll die instantly or sended to deep cave with -50% hp, slowed, and 0 food.
    •If your answer is right, you will get random prizes such as book, gold, silver, wood, gears, etc.
    •If you leave him unanswered (4 tiles away from him), he will hunt you down (same stats with the guard). If you manage to kill it, it will drop a paper with a message “Nice fight, but you fight for nothing.” (No other drops, and No myst). If you get killed in this scenario you’ll be spawned normally.
    •Or instead you can do /bribe to get rid of infamy (require gold 2x more expensive than the altar). Or do /spare and pay some gold.
    •He won’t attack you if you slow him down (Frost bite). And can teleport like guard.

    *Another new NPC “the chicken” basically a chicken with high level monster skin. Just for the lolz.


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    Now this this is an idea I could live with that would be amazing lol also would add a sense of fear knowing if you get it wrong you will die however this sadly can also be abused with low level alts so thatd have to be fixed as well


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    Sick idea but the die if u answer wrong no.


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    Wth… I actually like this


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    Idea of new map +1
    Jack -1

    We need new maps to increase the mystera gameplay range, but with new concept of the game…
    We need to improve crafting system with better traits, GEM System with new stats, something new about reincarnations cap, anything entertaining about underworld and new pvp pve mechanics…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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