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    1.Fix bugs and LAGGS pls
    2.You can use snowballs to costumized stone walls to have a cosmetics like an igloo wall appearance like adding (5 snowballs per wall)
    Add new walls which is better than stone walls the game already had. Steel walls. Silver walls bronze walls obsidians walls etc
    Silver walls(20 silvers +10 clays +30 stones per wall) (+200k hp more)
    Steel walls (5 steels +10 clays +30 stones per wall (+350k hp more)
    3.Use dyes to paint the walls we already have like yellow blue and red (mixed dyes too to add different colors like secondary colors in buckets to get violet)
    4 Add new floors like gold floors silver floors obsidian floors etc
    Obsidian floor (10 obsidians per floor)
    Silver floor (15 silvers per floor)
    Gold floor (1 gold can craft 5 gold tiles)
    5 Add better weapons that are better than steel items
    6 Add another spells like summoning skeletons or something (new book)
    7 New cosmetics pls. The characters all have a very similar look. Which is kinda boring add hats ,more hair and clothes to choose from
    8. Add a rare money tree. Where you can get gold every time you hit it. But make it extremely rare
    9. Add jail where the people who got alot of infamy and get executed would stay in the jail for the time being. And they can kill each other in that jail
    10. Can you add more values to the plants like adding boost to plant like veggies
    11. Add more towers pls better than the tower we already have like steel towers silver towers bronze towers etc
    normal towers
    Silver towers(hits faster by 10% )
    Bronze towers(hits faster by 12%)
    Gold towers(hits faster by 15%)
    Steel towers (hits faster by 17%)
    13. Can you add another selection of a better door where players have an option to use ordinary personal door or this steel door. Works like a personal door but with more hp .Use as a personal storage door
    (+200k hp more)
    (+20 steels +5 gold +10 silvers +10 stones +20 woods)
    15. Add boats too which is faster than raft
    16. Add more stalls in ms houses
    17. Cross server pls where players from another server can meet each other but they cant trade nor drop stuffs and cant flood global or cant flood pms like a cooldown to stop trolls .but they can fight in an arena. They might drop skills if they fight with another player without the statue
    18. Add mini bombs too( works like how to throw a snowball)((cause 10% of players hp
    19. Add more bows pls like steel bow
    20. Add more type of arrows aside from the arrows we already have(wood arrows steel arrows bronze arrows gold arrows silver arrows etc which causes steel arrows to do more damage ) This arrows can also be use in the towers to cause more damage to raiders
    Normal arrows(damage)
    Bronze arrows (+5 damage)
    Silver arrows (+10 damage)
    Steel arrows (+15 damage)
    Gold arrows (+20 damage)
    20. Add steel counters too more hp but uses steels +normal counters mats to make them
    (10 steels 5 gold 10 silvers +20 woods +10 stones)
    22. Add mount pets pls.. Like flying mounts or Water mounts like sharks and add camel and horses as a carrying mount pls
    (give boosts if use .Boost are gone if other players kill them)
    Flying mounts (+5% speed)
    Water mounts (+5% speed in water)
    Camel (+10% more carrying weight)
    Horse (+5% more carrying weight)
    23.Make wellington smaller like 150×150
    And people in wellington cant talk to global to stop trolls from abusing the wellington
    24 Make ms Bigger
    25.Add online members update in tribe list. Where you can see who is online in the tribe 26 Organize tribe list too according to tribe rank
    27.Add one pure pve server for those who just like to farm (players cant pick up loots that arent theirs and cant do any damage to any players nor cant raid
    28.Remove the expiration of caraways corianders and black peppers
    29.Add steel hammers too(+10% more destruction damage than bronze hammers)
    30.Add new mob boss


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    i actually made a pixel art of steel hammer.


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    I agree with the tower stuff *-*
    to add more damage into it

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