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    Lvl 55 USTexas
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    I’m from UST and lately things have been getting out of hand between my tribe and THE tribe. i hate not being able to play the game how i like-peacefully. We’ve tried coming up with a peaceful solution but THE are adamant about killing everyone. UST is going downhill very fast and i fear that most of my tribe will either move to different servers or worse-quit completely. I’m just looking to find a good tribe that i can be a part of peacefully or even better yet just be referred to a decent server without the tribe superiority hold like THE has on UST.


    Lvl 67 USTexas
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    Come to Europe and join me :p


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    We are also open to new peaceful minded players on West. I am leader of the Hunter Tribe. We have a large base with facilities open to the members. We also provide housing to those who join within the walls. No chat drama is allowed. No raiding without my permission. That’s something we have yet to do and prefer to keep it that way. We require all members contribute to resource gathering. We have a good reputation and are established in West. Not going anywhere anytime time soon.


    Lvl 55 USTexas
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    Im not sure of what ill be doing just yet but ill keep you in mind. Thank you tons!


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    Join my tribe in Brazil server. Its the newest server, we are a peaceful tribe that help each other out! Our tribe is called HelpingHands. Please consider 🙂


    Lvl 110 Europe
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    Come to EU and join Asylum, we help everyone 🙂

    Unless you build on roads, then fuck you 🙂


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    We are recruiting c^8

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