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    people well now use the locks to troll noobs or kill them by simply placing 1 gold pretending to give 1 then later on gives another one but with a lock so disorient then lock so its quite unfair tbh since we really have no choice since people in gale also troll noobs like kos them for no purpose whatsoever my point is that stop the imfamy with locks , well atleast have a minimum of a minute before getting imfamy so it wont do no harm on purpose


    Lvl 310 SEAsia
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    Thats completely wrong lol noobs are just too clueless to know it sure but that doesnt change the fact it can be prevented by walking away. I’ve used lock traps for months and many people will just learn from it and walk away stop trying to keep begging the dev for ways to “help” noobies you dont like it stay low in Wellington they removed the skill cap anyway:D when I was a noob nothing protecting noobs existed except maybe a few safe zones Wellington didnt even exist if you noobs are whining now go back about a year 6 months ish and see how you would be able to survive. Dev basically spoon feeds you all


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    Well I would hope they would learn the first time they were fooled to not do it again.


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    Thats what u get if u greed 🙂 ppl should notice the…. lock icon mean… “Dont touch my stuff”


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    The problem with the locks, in my opinion, is that they can be obscured by the items above them. It could help if they always showed on top.


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    Whatever you do don’t slash trade something to see what is in the pile.

    Some of the whining going on really sucks. This is a game learn to play and if you don’t like the way it is or the way it works. It’s not like you had to pay to play.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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