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    So, I recently found my first Glow Altar, used it to upgrade a peddler’s gem, then continued on. Later, I died in the Underworld and lost the location of the Glow Altar.

    So, some ways I think we could add a way to find glow altars easier is by: Making them more common so lower level players can find them easier, maybe starting to appear at b20, add some way to come right back to them in the Underworld, or figure out a way to make them buildable.

    I think this could be accomplished by adding the Glowing Altar to the build menu, maybe by adding some new resources so you can build them, like Underworld Glow, obtained from defeating some sort of glowing enemies, using 100 gold, 200 Iron or Steel, and 20 of all the types of gems.

    I was also thinking we could add another rune, perhaps called Ferocious. This could give 10% of your current attack power as a bonus per level.

    If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know!


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    I get it, but as someone who has no reason to use glowing alters, I find that there are a crap ton more glowing alters then there are regular alters; Ill find 5 at least on one floor and maybe, just maybe force spawn a normal one.


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    Ok, I only got to b35-38, which is where I found it. Are they more common further down?


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    Actually ı always saw but ı couldn’t use


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    Glowing Altars can be found B4 and below. And higher floors are easier to access so probably most of the glowing altar spawns have been used by other players.


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    this new altar has already helped in a lot of the acquisition of items, imagine playing from the beginning where you would have to make 1k of steel swords to find one that is really worth it, since with the altar you can simply put runes of grass band spending about 1/3 or less of what I would spend doing only steel, making this altar more accessible would only make the game easier, I did not opt ​​to leave my annual WoW to play an easy game, I want the game to become more difficult, since who started now has no idea what a difficult game is, and thank the developer for providing an incredibly realistic game and realistic real world perspectives.


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    “I want the game to become more dificult”
    I think this altars is ok right now.

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