Does it make sense to exceed skill level 100?

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    Skills to make items. Questing, Crafting, Knitting


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    I would like my questing skill to be at 150 if it was possible :p


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    Thats an interesting question, and I guess it depends on the context a bit.

    There has to be a skill cap in place somewhere. If not a hard cap on the level itself, there needs to at least be a level, after which, training a skill no longer provides any benefit. Another limiting factor might be that after a certain point, the levels become so hard to achieve and so many are lost upon death that it becomes virtually impossible to level any skill past a certain point anyway. At some level, there has to be a limit to what level is reasonably attainable, anyway. So why not just drop a hard cap on a nice round number like 100?

    The numerical value of a skill’s level is quite arbitrary, anyway. It only serves to represent how effectively that skill can be utilized by the player. Since the game will always be balanced around the maximum utility of each skill, regardless of where that’s at, why not keep it at 100?

    As it is, most players who dont abuse bots and macros never grow to level 100 in any but the fastest and easiest of skills. To extend the skillcap beyond that would put the more casual players at an even further disadvantage.

    That said, there are also reasons to raise a skillcap. For starters, when you place a cap on the players’ abilities, you’re also placing a limit on the difficulty of opposition to the players which can be reasonably implemented. Raising the skillcap is one way to buff the more dedicated players in preparation for a future release of more difficult game activities.

    Some games allow players to temporarily exceed the skillcap through consumable or cooldown-limited items, thus introducing a cost or risk to balance against the stat buff.

    Other games may show the progress past the skillcap as “cosmetic levels” that can show a player’s dedication without giving them any real added benefit other than bragging rights. Runescape’s 120 capes come to mind.

    But I’ve rambled on enough, so to more directly answer your question.. Maybe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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