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    I would like to gather some opinion on the topic of having the seasonal server project rebooted !

    What would you think would be the best time frame for the server to reset ?

    Should there be perma – temp incentives ?
    Like rewards or achievements or bonuses that you can gain from being rank 1-3 at the end of each season .

    Would you actively participate in competition ? What are the type of things you would like to see that would keep you actively playing ?


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    Id only play a seasonal server if it had incentive. dias reward or more preferably sumthing like a title or perk that u keep. If its just plain play to reset i wont even try it out.


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    Good Rewards:
    Unique Character Customizations. New outfits.
    1st Place Top 10 – Gold/Silver/Bronze rewards
    2nd Place Next 20 – Silver/Bronze Rewards
    3rd Place Participants – Bronze Rewards
    You can even have people donate outfit ideas for the seasons.
    Give out 3 free costumes ranging from 10-100 diamonds a piece to top 10 or 20 players.
    Give out diamonds to everyone. Different tiers of leaderboards. Allow up to 100 people onto the leaderboard, and give out diamonds accordingly.
    First place gets 50 free diamonds, second place 40, third place 30.

    I like the idea of Titles. It’s easy to code into the game, doesn’t require any animations or graphics. It would just require a new UI change.
    “AngryToast, the Adventurer”
    “AngryToast, The Combatant”
    “AngryToast, The Conqueror”

    Different reward tiers, different titles and they change every season.

    You need to have something more than just top 3 players, otherwise a lot of people won’t join and it will always be the same 20 players fighting for top 3, what about us noobs? We make up the bulk of people and it wouldn’t be fair for longevity.

    Also follow the Diablo 3 system… It is like 3 months I think? Been a while.


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    +1 @AngryToasy


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    Couple ideas for seasonal:
    >>Rank 1-100 on leaderboards all get rewards, with the #1 spot getting 100 days of dias and the #100 spot getting 10 days of dias.

    >>#1 player gets a special outfit item for example wings that are permanent and do not require dias to be equipped.

    >>Top #3 on leaderboards get a special reward which affects gameplay for example a unique spellbook, gem or piece of gear.

    I think the best solution to the reset is that after the season ends, the first seasonal server will transform into a ‘pool’ server, then any new seasonal server after that only the character profiles will transfer to the pool server. However, you will not be able to use the same account for two seasonal servers and will need to create a new account every season to avoid issues with transfers.
    This pool server could also serve as the pvp hotspot server for all the pvp fanatics out there to compete against each other between seasons.

    Edit: To add to the rewards, each seasonal could reward a different legendary piece of gear to the #1 person and add up to create one or maybe even multiple legendary sets in the pool server

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