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    There’s alot of problems doing bosses and specially with the serphant mother. Everyone wants to get a book and its leading to people including myself lighting fires to block the stairs and others out. I have got into it many times with people on my server over this. People simply don’t want to share so I just block it off to. There has to be a better way for every one to run together then this. Although this boss is almost better to do solo, its not fair for everyone. Today I had blocked off the stairs with fires and all of a sudden an alt runs up and sets spikes cast fb and I still couldn’t kill sm. So then I got an alt and its now camping with snowballs fb and spikes. Its all frustrating and there has to be a better way for everyone to do boss runs together without it being combative. Doesnt make sense there’s only 2 bosses to do and so many players wanting a book every hour. Idk or see how this is fixable but maybe y’all have some suggestions for the dev. Right now it’s game ruining for me tbh.


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    In sea. We do /roll 100 or maybe 1000. But still we cant trust tribeless ppl to join sm so we do sm solo or with tribe mate only. I also hope for the next update here isnmy suggestion if there is a lot of ppl join sm. And when sm die. The book drop will be locked and ppl have to roll and the lock will only unlock to the roll winner. Otherwise. Infamous


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    Make a chest drop that can resummon the boss? might help a bit

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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