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    What I’m about to suggest would serve as endgame content in which you are competing against against the best players from each server in order to gain a reward for your character in your server of choice.

    This server would play (mostly) normally but has one unusual twist to it, you can win.

    The following are all just my ideas, I’d also love to hear yours.

    Core Features
    -New map (new towns, pve areas, etc.)
    -New gear exclusive to seasonal server
    -maybe increase exp gain and tree/rock spawn rate?

    Server would be up for around 1 month at a time then go down for like 2 months

    At the end of the month, a high-level boss would spawn and the person to slay it (deal the final blow) would become the seasonal ‘winner’ and end the server.

    Better Rewards
    We all must admit that last Seasonal’s rewards were pretty lackluster, here are my ideas:

    -Gold, Gems & Dias based on your position on the leaderboards (top 100 get rewards)

    -Top 3 on leaderboard receive a special ring

    -Winner Rewards (transferred to character in server of choice)
    —Maybe some exclusive gear
    —Special ring (yes, if you win and are also top 3 then you receive 2)
    —100 Lifesteal gems (works like rubies/emeralds but each +1 is +1% life steal)
    —New spell: Meteor (Permanent)
    ——Rains down meteors from the heavens upon your opponent (Ranged magic spell)
    ——High myst cost, high damage, high cooldown.

    Upon conclusion of the seasonal server, all your rewards and character’s loot would be sent to your character on which ever server you choose to receive the rewards in.

    As you can probably tell, this would spice things up and add a new way to play the game. Winning a war in this server could cost you a lot and you’d see a lot of competition haha.

    These ideas probably have some flaws and would take a decent amount of effort to implement but it would no doubt be fun and worth it.


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    Another Winner Reward Ideas:
    -A permanent appearance item based on the boss that was slain by the winner.
    Mockup Image

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    -Some kind of symbol on the leaderboards representing how many seasonal server ‘wins’ you have. Could be represented by a crown or like a red star next to your name.


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    sounds good id like to prove myself worthy of a fight if every 1 started at 0 for once for the event ( as in game many are high lvl) this would give a chance to show survival skills in the limited time given


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    Yeah, I forgot to mention you’d start at level 0 for every new season. This is meant to be a competition based on skill, not just time invested in the game.

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