Trading Counter Dialog, Server Transfers & More

Patch day has arrived! New quality of life features include a trading window for making purchases from a counter. Rather than having to drop a quantity of items in front of the counter, it will just bring up a dialog telling you how much the item costs and asking if you want to purchase it. If you decide to make the trade then the cost is automatically taken from your inventory.

On the website under the account settings page you’ll find three new features: a name change request page, server transfer request page, and recent gifts history. More details for the name and server requests can be found on their submission forms. Note that server transfers are in testing and the cost/requirements may change as needed.

Also in this patch- underworld recall tiles will not overwrite your current underworld recall depth unless it’s on a deeper floor. If you want to use a recall tile on an easier floor you can clear your underworld recall first with the new /clearuw command. Arcadian miners can now do damage to player made structures, but only in the underworld. The notification for ‘Seed cannot be planted here’ has been turned into a visual notice to reduce chat spam. Locks that are picked up in Newbie Village no longer give infamy.

New mapping tools are being crafted so we can add more interesting features to the maps that are being worked on. Extra account features are also being considered to increase peace of mind and reduce account disputes. Even though school has started back up for many players we see that server populations are still doing well and want to thank everyone for playing. Remember to report any bugs you find through the contact form and have fun!