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    Towers make no sense at all. When you join a tribe and make a tower it auto becomes a tribe tower of that tribe. This also happens if you upgrade it. However this is stupid because you might join a tribe and you don’t want it to be a tribe tower for that tribe since you dont want them to start killing your tribemates and alts. If you can’t unupgrade, it’s a pain to remove triple layer towers if your old tribe decided to kick you and raid you since they won’t get hit by towers. There is no downside to being able to downgrade your towers and makes more sense. Also you should be able to assign targets and people the towers can avoid because limiting to tribe makes it so you can’t have anyone else come visit your place and not die who might be an ally or alt. It could be done with a command maybe like doing /target [player who’s online] when facing a tower or /friendly [player] or you might be able to set it so everyone in your friend list won’t be hit. (Might not be a good idea since you might use list to keep track of enemies so commands are probably better)


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    i’ve been involved in the tearing down and replacement of a set of 800-some towers twice now, so +1 on this, especially the parts related to being able to upgrade the towers to the new tribe more efficiently. I think trying to manage guests not being hit could get overcomplicated (and creates a new means for intrigue) but its an interesting idea.

    I would also like to see tribe rank settings for towers, recruits shouldn’t be able to disable them at all, and a elder-only setting would be nice and save space; we have an entire section that only elders can even get to, our base could have a smaller footprint without it.


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    + as many+’s to paisleys idea that i can give, i to have been involved with tear down and set up of towers because of switching tribes to, also have dealt with new members turning off towers, so an elder only thing would be AMAZING


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    Great idea on tribe rank system ♥️


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    yeah why have a /upgrade command that is trash and doesnt work, especially when switching tribes, what a pain to have to destroy and rebuild your crap.


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    +1 great idea.


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    +1 but only if it has a cost, the game is already seriously lacking in wealth destruction.

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