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    Lvl 44 USWest
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    I’m all for having a tough boss, but I’m not okay with a boss which can one shot high level players, especially since lag is common. Dev pls fix


    Lvl 150 Europe
    Posts: 131

    +1 i died on 1 hit tho, had bout 80 percent hp (more than 850) and died at the same time with 2 op eu players


    Lvl 333 USWest
    Posts: 18

    or alternatively make the rewards for killing SM appropriate for it’s difficulty


    Lvl 44 USWest
    Posts: 17

    Dev would have to make some damn good rewards to get poeple to risk being one shot


    Lvl 147 Europe
    Posts: 19

    Still have to see it.. Death log scared me 😛


    Lvl 100 Brazil
    Polar Bear
    Posts: 32

    same boat, i see all these high level players die to it, im good i’ll just sit back and go no where near it thank you lol


    Lvl 125 Europe
    Posts: 8

    Serp Mommy is very easy to kill, u just need to find the right strategy… learn to avoid poisonous gas
    many veterans were killed bcs they acted like noobs and thought that the new boss could be killed with the usual aggressive method
    exactly as it happened at the beginning with the introduction of Mind Flayers and Ghost blades
    Dev had warned everyone to use a strategy to defeat the boss

    in this game there are no classes, but no one prevents u from playing as a healer, an archer or a tanker, u just have to think differently


    Lvl 147 USWest
    Polar Bear
    Posts: 25

    Strategy won’t save you from a lag spike. The boss it’s self isn’t extremely difficult, and even the poison fog can be lived through at high hp. However the risk increases due to her ranged attacks also rapidly draining your hp. The poison debuff makes it difficult to keep your health above where it needs to be to survive getting caught in fog if you lag or start rubberbanding. If you move far enough away from her, the debuff will fall off allowing you to heal, but she’ll also start healing after a short period of not taking damage. She’s simple enough to beat with two people. One keeps her damaged while the other let’s the debuff drop and heals back, then they swap. The problem is that the fog deals so much damage, that a lag spike, which are very, very common, will quickly down even a high level character.


    Lvl 17 SEAsia
    Polar Bear
    Posts: 46

    Train ur dogs and use it to kill SM fin….?
    Just avoid Poison gas in det case


    Lvl 73 USEast2
    Posts: 126

    Intrasting to listen abaut dogs. Tell, if someone tryed


    Lvl 160 USWest
    Posts: 9

    Dogs got nerfed…they take poison now

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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