Exciting new enemies, upgrades, and fixes!

This is a fun patch with some new content and long overdue bug fixes. It introduces 5 new NPCs and 2 game changing upgrades.

The first upgrade is ‘Precision’ which is the counter to the ‘Moving Target’ upgrade, so you will miss less. Now every mob in the game has its own unique dodge and precision values.

Your myst now resets along with your skills and upgrades when you reincarnate. To balance this I’ve added another upgrade called ‘Lasting Legacy’ which allows you to regain a portion of your spent myst after reincarnating. For example if you spent 1 million myst over your lifetime you can get up to 70% of that back for your next life. This allows some flexibility for people to transition to and from ascension builds. So you don’t have to feel stuck if you invested in ascension, and you don’t have to feel like upgrades are completely wasted if you are focusing on reincarnation. More changes below:

  • Added back in Raccoon which is slightly harder than a rat.
  • Added Quill Beast: Returns some physical damage.
  • Added Shroomie: Periodically heals enemies in the area, including itself.
  • Added Summoner: Has a chance to summon almost any mob in the game, including more summoners!
  • Added Dire Wolf: Moves very fast when hunting down a target, and will chase for a long time.
  • Fixed the infamous death bug where the phantom of a dead player would stay behind blocking the tile.
  • Also fixed the rare bug where your items could be lost or seemingly duplicated on death.
  • The chickens have had enough, they can now fight back.
  • The likelihood of dungeon recall tiles has been increased a bit.
  • Appearance no longer resets on death. Your appearance will only reset if you log in after losing premium status.
  • Movement speed is slightly increased in newbie village.
  • Rescaled some myst costs (you may gain extra Lasting Legacy myst).
  • Added a few new costume options and some mapping adjustments.

I appreciate all the feedback and bug reports I’ve been reading in the forums. I will probably balance things further so continue posting your ideas, and let me know if you run into any more bugs. There are more exciting things planned for the future. Have fun testing and thanks for all your support 🙂