Active Abilities Patch

abilitiesThis patch will let you test out the new active ability system. 5 abilities have been added so far, and they can be learned from books you find in chests or from defeating a boss. Abilities have a cooldown, myst cost, and book level. A new ‘research’ skill has been added that will increase your chances of learning and retaining new abilities. A new ‘academic’ upgrade has been added to increase your ability slots (you start with one). The current abilities and other patch details are below:

  • Added Disorient: Swap places and do damage to whoever is in front of you. Ability damage does not affect tribe members or loyal creatures. Damage and cooldown changes with level. Max level 3.
  • Added Dash: Rush forward instantly and do damage to anyone you run into. Cooldown decreases with level. Max level 3.
  • Added Whirlwind: Attack everyone in range around you. Range and damage increases with level. Damage is a multiplier of your current attack. Max level 3.
  • Added Shell: Reduce incoming damage to almost nothing for a short time. Duration increases and cooldown decreases with level. Max level 5.
  • Added Healing Rain: Heal everyone around you (including enemies!). Area affected and amount healed increases with level. Max level 5.
  • New item: Iron Mace.
  • Some new sounds including a skill up indicator. Leveling up a skill will also show a text notice on your character.
  • Added new hotkeys for abilities Q, E, R, T, F.
  • Escape key will now close any open dialog windows.
  • Tentacle projectiles now do physical damage (can be dodged and reduced by armor).
  • Bush foraging has been slowed down a bit.
  • Boss monsters will always drop at least one ability. Abilities are generated with a random level, lower levels are more common.
  • Pet dogs will now automatically teleport to you without being called if you walk off screen and they aren’t in ‘stay’ mode.
  • New players now start with the Whirlwind ability and 25 myst.
  • Fixed haunted remains not skill draining.
  • Fixed stone roads being usable on custom maps.

A precision upgrade and custom mob dodge/precision amounts are coming soon. The next big update is the new appearance system, then the game engine will be mostly complete and I can finally focus more on content and promotion 🙂 Please report any bugs you find. Thanks for testing!