One year anniversary update: Iron age has begun!

iron_age_smallIt’s been exactly a year since I released Mystera Legacy to the public for testing. I’ve been busier than usual with my normal job so I didn’t have time to finish active abilities for this patch, but I’ve added some new content instead. Notably the iron making process and some iron equipment. New items: Iron Dagger, Iron Sword, Iron Spear, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Shield. New structures: Bloomery, Bellows. New mobs: Dust Devil, Tentacle.

Arrows now give 50 per craft instead of 20, for a bit more wood. A new desert area has been added south of Galebrook. Some more mob sprites have been updated. The mob density cap for the underworld has been increased so it will be more dangerous at lower depths. Thanks for all your support this year, have fun!