Myst Upgrades

upgrade_dialogThis is a big one. Just when you thought you had the game figured out everything goes and changes. Now whenever you slay a monster you are awarded myst, which can be used to buy various upgrades like max health +25 or experience bonuses for example. When you reincarnate (now starting at level 60) it will permanently give you a 2% experience bonus, 5% myst bonus, and increase your level cap by 1. The blue star limit has been raised to 10 so you can completely master a skill now. The challenge there is you have to upgrade your skill mastery to unlock every star tier, forcing you to leave your base for more myst if you have low skill diversity. Don’t panic if you log on to see your levels or skills are unusually low – once you unlock the star tiers you will automatically regain your levels. Blue stars ignore the skill mastery limit and will give you full skill levels regardless. Full patch notes:

  • New trait: Reverent (+15% myst)
  • New item: Healing Potion. This is a craftable aloe potion which will heal for 100 or more health depending on your healing skill. It has a 15 second cooldown and can be used during battle. Newbies now start with a few of these.
  • Added Myst Upgrades dialog which has 8 categories so far.
  • Added myst counter in the upper right to track how much you have gained. Can be clicked on (or use the ‘U’ hotkey) to bring up the myst window.
  • Added Experience bonus % and Myst bonus % to Stats dialog and rearranged everything into 2 columns.
  • Reincarnation now requires you to hit your level cap, which starts at 60 and increases by 1 every blue star.
  • The blue star limit has been increased to 10 per skill. Every blue star will give you a stacking 2% experience and 5% myst bonus. Blue stars will grant skill levels regardless of skill mastery.
  • Skill experience can be gained beyond the skill mastery limit, but will show as faded stars until unlocked. Faded stars don’t grant experience. The number of hollow stars now represents your skill mastery limit.
  • The death penalty in the underworld has been lowered to match the overworld. Unspent myst lost on death is 25%.
  • Added level requirements for most equipment. Now lower tier equipment will be more valuable. Level required shows on the build menu info, lens, smithing, counters, and when failing to equip.
  • Dye process is now simplified. Just drop the dye plant into a bucket of water.
  • Each player level only gives 2 hp now that a +25 hp upgrade can be purchased.
  • Increased the population and breeding limits of all NPCs in the overworld and underworld. Also increased population of berry bushes and sped up their regrowth.
  • There is now some random damage variance for players, NPCs, and towers.
  • Lowered weapon train amounts on training dummies.
  • Strong and Tough traits have been increased to +3.
  • Made it so swinging weapon and particle effects will follow a moving player rather than falling behind.
  • Added green healing numbers when using healing items.
  • Fixed a bug with spice rarity (you should see more coriander now).
  • Fixed a bug where wooden tables would despawn in the underworld.
  • Made the compass bounds larger to make it easier to navigate on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug where people sleeping in bed would eventually fall off the leaderboard.

The mapping patch will be the next big release and it should help satisfy the urge to plow through clusters of mobs, sapping up large amounts of myst. Plenty more balance changes are coming I’m sure, especially with a new tier of equipment on the way. Thanks for testing!