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    Lvl 123 Europe
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    Revert the arrow decay its just stupid. Leave towers how they were before the update there is no issue with them and maybe listen to player suggestions on future updates. Theres dozens of great Player suggestions yet the updates always contain of stuff no one asked for or wanted.


    Lvl 17 USTexas
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    ABORT pls


    Lvl 74 USTexas
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    I agree with the above statements. Please revert the tower update. The rest of the update is good, but why lose arrows to decay?


    Lvl 147 USWest
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    Im sure his main goal is to make Galebrook obsolete for the most part, this only further supports putting everything in alts and living in welly where all you need is alts and maintenance. With my time being spent on rl way more than usual this doesn’t help at all with keeping me playing the game as well as others I assume. I don’t see doing tons of maintenance regularly as fun.


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    843 towers on my main tribes base. I counted 4 arrows missing from my inner towers. 843 x 4 = 3372 arrows. That’s a day, from each tower. That would be 23604 arrows a week. Not counting the base for my recruits. I get we can dupe feathers for much easier means, but that’s just absurd. Don’t ruin it for us older players.

    If anything, make them start taking arrows around 50-60%, when it’d be safer to call a base ‘stagnent’


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    This update doesn’t need removing, it’s a nice addition to the game and makes it a bit more challenging, people that don’t like this update are crybabies with huge bases that can’t take a challenge


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    You can say like that if you dont study, or have job or no life at all. Those who have life, allocated time and schedule their days to balance playtime and real life time.

    What happen if u went on-call or something that u cant avoid in real life for days?


    Lvl 200 USEast2
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    Please revert 40k arrows a month is stupid!! we have lives you know!!!


    Lvl 35 London
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    I’ll lose around 200,000 arrows a month, if my math was right.

    If the arrow decay doesnโ€™t get aborted, Iโ€™ll likely be finding a different game to play, sadly


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    Lvl 35 London
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    Then there Will be a stagnant base issue ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜‚


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    my current base is unsustainable if I have to maintain a constant arrow supply… and being a shop keeper I have to protect my inventory… this is not going to keep the game fun if it turns into real work…

    I can’t even change my base since another player I lived with did all the work because he had high construction… so I don’t think I will recoup any of the mat… or a fraction of the arrows left in the towers…

    changing rules like this may be a deal breaker for me… I worked hard for what I have… and now I don’t think I can save it… and I regret the money I spent on dias… because I may not be around to enjoy having a colorful name…


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    Let arrows dont decay but drop near tower… just need to refill that a way between old and new update… losing arrows just put me in condition to destroy all my towers… already stored everything in alt, my towers just help me to dream well while sleeping.


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    I love the new update ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have fun farming feathers.


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    Yeah so the arrow decay was a bad idea, Tribe will be able to maintain tribe base will start new economy just for feathers have the gold but this will definitely make anyone starting out or not in a tribe not be able to have a base in galebrook. I believe it was done either to open up more of gale for other players as now bases will shrink or may be about lag as may get lag spike when 2 deep row of towers go off to protect walls. I dont know which it was but gave no alternative like more houses in Market square, or chest so could keep a smaller base something to make it so a large base isn’t needed. I really like this game and have supported it alot. and even three out some ideas to make it better. But with this arrow decay being added I will be pulling my support back,I have been the top supporter for the month for the last 3 months. And I will be recommending same for everyone else I know that supports this game. I have seen may people talking about quitting over this, if continues I may join them as there are many others games I can play.

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